360º virtual tour Caminito del Rey

The aerial path called “Caminito del Rey” is built about 100 meters above the Gaitanes Gorge

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Caminito del Rey, but haven’t gone yet or you have vertigo or you had planned the visit, but you had to cancel it because of the current situation, you’ll be happy to know that now you can visit it virtually.

On the occasion of the 5th birthday of Caminito del Rey since its reopening in 2015, the Malaga Provincial Council has published a 360º tour of this spectacular route. The experience allows you to enjoy this natural place with spectacular images, audiovisual resources and detailed information.

The Caminito del Rey is one of the most spectacular natural sites in Malaga and Spain

Through photos we can now visit virtually 360º the most characteristic places of the “King’s Little Pathway” along almost 8 kilometres along its paths and footbridges, the glass balcony, the hanging bridge, the water viaduct, the underground stretch through the canal gate, the Hoyo Valley, the bat shelter, the Gaitanejo path, the Cambutas viewpoint, the Gaitanejo Gorge and the El Chorro station stop.

In addition, along the route there are 40 icons that allow you to view photographs or photo galleries, videos and even a brief information of each place, which can be expanded if you want to know more about the site in question and you can see each point on a map a normal aerial or satellite view.

Since its reopening, one and a half million people have already enjoyed this spectacular tour. Hopefully everything will soon return to normal so that we can visit it in person. In the meantime, we have to opportunity to enjoy this magnificent virtual tour. The tour is available for computers, mobile phones and tablets, in Spanish and soon also in English, French and German.

Access the virtual tour of the Caminito del Rey


And if after this tour you are sure you want to visit the Caminito del Rey in person as soon as possible, here we have prepared an interesting article with everything you need to know to visit the Caminito del Rey.

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