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This summer, come and enjoy the Costa del Sol

Oh how we love being on vacation! The Easter holiday has just finished and many of us are already taking a look at holiday destinations for this summer. Given that we have not yet fully emerged from the crisis, we recommend to visit nearby destinations in Spain to where there is a great offer of low cost flights from the UK. As we are now thinking of summer, what’s better than a coastal area, right? For example… The Costa del Sol in southern Spain!

Holiday on the Costa del Sol: Do I need to hire a car in Malaga?

Depending on the location of our hotel or apartment, public service may be close or not. For example if we choose a hotel in Marbella or a relaxing stay in any of the many interior white villages, getting to the city centre may be quite difficult and could take a few hours. If we choose car hire Malaga, the distances whilst moving through the province are a lot shorter and much more comfort than using two buses; and not to mention, cheaper than using a daily taxi.

Summer holidays in Malaga, a destination to discover

When the moment comes to enjoy the holidays many tourists usually opt for some of the destinations in the south of Spain. Malaga is a destination well worth not only during the summer, thanks to the fact that it is a city with good temperatures, beautiful beaches and it is also a destination where you can enjoy great food, another of the many attractions.

Car hire in Malaga during the summer

Car hire Malaga Airport for the summer progresses apace, after 2010 which was a quite difficult year for car rental companies in Spain.

The difficult situation being experienced by some Arab countries is having a direct impact on tourism, with further influx of foreigners. An important part of our customers are foreigners who come to the Costa del Sol for holidays, a number that has increased due to the improvement of their economy.