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37% of tourists rent a car due to the poor public transport in the Costa del Sol

Malaga public transport Currently public transport in the Costa del Sol is still deficient in many sections and municipalities, and therefore many travelers and tourists choose to a rent a car at Malaga airport if they need to move at their holiday destination with greater freedom and without relying on buses

Autumn on the Costa del Sol

Lemmons Due to the southern latitude and protecting high mountains, on the Costa del Sol autumn passes seamlessly into spring and the sun is over the coming months the predominant element. Who is visiting Malaga in autumn or winter, is very well advised with a car hire at Malaga airport, as this time of year there are excellent opportunities to explore the beautiful region of Malaga at very low prices. For instance, the price for a Ford Ka for a whole week is only 52 pounds, that is, your car rental for 7.40 pounds a day