6 Useful Tricks to Avoid Theft at the Beach

Nowadays rarely people are seen enjoying the beach without taking the mobile phone, many times along with other electronic devices, to enjoy their leisure by the sea. In addition almost everybody brings the car keys and some money.
In order that this refreshing dip into the water does not end up with a very great trouble when returning to the towel and realizing that our belongings have been stolen, here some easy beach tricks.

Camouflage articles

A simple and effective trick are camouflage items that are imitations of other products, such as a sun cream bottle or a Coca-Cola can, inside which we can store our valuable objects.

Waterproof covers

The waterproof cases are transparent pouches or covers, which allow to protect the smartphones from water and sand and even to take photos and videos in the water. They can be attached to the wrist or the neck and offer the possibility of diving in the sea with the mobile.

Selfmade Methods

If we are crafted we can also make our own camouflage article with an empty bottle or a Pringles carton for example. They are the most economical solutions. Just wash an empty sunscreen bottle to create our own Tan Safe, more realistic than the imitation.
A classic is to bury the belongings in the sand, under a localized site, for example in a corner of the towel or next to the parasol. Another ingenious method is to carry an empty diaper and close it with the mobile and the rest of belongings inside. No one will take it.


There are available several mobile applications that emit alarm signals such as the Anti-theft Alarm for Android. This app allows you to set an alarm that is activated at the minimum movement of the phone. Maybe impractical since you have to deactivate the alarm every time you pick up the phone.

Beach Safes

There are models of safes specifically for the beach, such as Beach Vault, Secur Beach or Cajaplaya. They are quite light and allow a simple excavation in the sand so that its installation does not last more than a minute.

Beach Lockers

In the province of Malaga there are already several municipalities that offer lockers to the bathers. In all the beaches of Fuengirola or in the western beach of Torre del Mar, we can leave our belongings in a locker for peace of mind. In at the Fuengirola facilities you can even charge your mobile phone and there is also WIFI.

2 Responses to 6 Useful Tricks to Avoid Theft at the Beach

  1. Martin Freye says:

    Lockers are a good idea, I’ve been guilty of leaving valuables on the sand too. Fortunately not stolen but I did get my pocket picked at the street market. Felt so sorry for the thief, a lifetime of theft, in and out of prison, etc. Police caught him and he’s back inside. Thanks for the ideas, very useful. Plan to visit Fuengirola soon too.

    • Hi Martin, thank you for your comment. Actually, Malaga is a very secure place but like we use to say, there are some “amigos de lo ajeno” (friends of someone else´s belongings) and it’s better to be cautious to avoid being robbed during your holidays. See you soon!

      Best regards,

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