A little note about theft in cars

signal detectorThe season is about to begin and with it unfortunately also tend to increase the thefts in tourist destinations. Due to recent news on that subject, we have prepared some basic advice to reduce as much as possible trouble during your holiday in Malaga.

It seems that it is not a new technique but these days there is a further increase of theft by frequency inhibitors, which inhibit the car locking the doors properly when parking. This trick is especially popular in large areas such as shopping centres.


Measures to prevent car thefts by frequency inhibitors:


1.- Be attentive to what happens around your vehicle when leaving the car.

2.- Check that has been activated the audible or visual warning (lights), indicating that the doors have been closed.

3.- Close with the key and check with the handle that it is effectively closed.

4.- Also remember to check that the boot is closed.

These measures should also be applied when parking near an official / state agency such as a police station, town halls or universities.

5.- In general, do not leave valuables or documents in the car, preferably not even in the trunk.


With these measures you avoid further trouble, which usually is not covered by insurance. As the car was not forced it would not be considered theft when claiming it from the insurance company. Nor malls, in the event that the theft had occurred there, have liability if they do not charge for parking.

That said, we hope you enjoy your next car hire at Malaga airport!