Refreshing sleep in Malaga´s tropical nights

dormir con calor

There are nights in Malaga which are above and beyond “Tropical Nights” and are more infernal with values of 27 or 28 degrees which make it absolutely impossible getting a good night´s rest.

After the Huffington post published the other day some really funny (and useful) tips like hanging your feet out of bed into a bucket of water, now it’s our turn with our home remedies (no air-con implied) proved under extreme conditions like Granada in August or Malaga with Terral (pray you don´t have to live none of them).
Here we go.

When you know a Terral day is coming, close all windows and doors already in the morning and possibly lower all blinds to maintain the house fresh.

If it’s not a moist heat, there works very well evaporative cooling (wipe the floor wet, hang up wet sheets, wet hair, wet neckerchiefs) which you can combine perfectly with a floor ventilator which will give great relief.

A mobile version to survive in the exterior is walking always in the shade, with your sunhat and sunglasses of course (Terral wind will dry your nostrils and eyes in less than a minute), use a wet neckerchief, and little spray bottle filled with clean water (and maybe a drop of essential oil) and a hand fan (abanico in Spanish). Spray the water over your face and fan yourself – immediate relief under any conditions, yet watch out, it´s addictive!

Dine light as heavy meals require generating more heat to digest them. A delicious local solution is Gazpacho or Salmorejo, try it out!

You´re back home, it’s still boiling at 11 pm and you just want to get some rest.

Fill a plastic dishpan with cold water (and some drops of essential oil like lemon) and place your feet in there. Can be perfectly combined with temporary exposures to the ventilator.

Personally we have tried the wet sheets under extreme conditions where at 4 am we had to get up again to wet them again.

We have not tried yet putting cooling elements around the bed and in front of the ventilator nor have we put the sheets and pillow in the freezer but we might try that tonight.

Shower (head included) before you go to bed although not too cold as your body will create more heat to compensate.

If you bear sleeping with a pyjama in that heat, you can moisten it or as well moisten a cloth and put it on the forehead.

Eye masks are very effective for headaches induced by heat.

Have you more ideas and experience in extreme climate? Let us know!