Hot…! Summer Driving Tips…

If you have clicked on our blog because the picture has drawn more your attention than the title, keep reading on summer distractions, the use of flip-flops and other practical tips for driving at high temperatures on the Costa del Sol.

With high temperatures in southern Spain, it’s recommendable to take things more calmly, combined with a healthy dose of humour. In addition we have prepared a series of Summer driving tips for a pleasant and safe driving.

Avoid driving in the middle of the day for being the hours of most heat. The ideal driving temperature is between 19ºC and 24ºC. Driving at higher temperatures causes fatigue, drowsiness, increased reaction time and stress level. All our cars have air conditioning: Try to maintain a temperature inside the car between 19ºC and 24ºC, avoid the airflow impact directly against the chest and keep the windows closed so that the temperature inside does not change. Seek to park in the shade.

Carry cold drinks to hydrate, especially water and soft drinks; cold drinks reduce fatigue. Never drink alcohol.

Wear Sunglasses: There are long hours of sun in summer and its great intensity can dazzle in the evening when driving.

Wear comfortable clothes. The shoes should also be comfortable but tight at the bottom, so you should not drive with flip flops, sandals without thong… Ideally, we would keep footwear in the boot to use when driving.

Don´t leave not even for a moment a child or pet inside a car in the sun. In children, body temperature rises much faster than in adults because they don´t have the ability to regulate it.

• And finally, the summer distractions: Distractions while driving are the main cause of an accident. So if you have started to read this article because the picture has drawn more your attention than the title, make an effort to keep your eyes focused on the road, because – be forewarned – at this time of the year there can be seen lightly dressed beautiful girls (and handsome boys!) along the entire coast of Málaga.