All you need to know about Terral

All you need to know about Terral“Terral is coming…!” “Terral what… ? Who is coming??”

Our Malaga based Friends very probably have already experienced it at least once, as it happens about 5 to 6 times every summer. But… what is it???

Terral wind is a local weather phenomenon in Málaga area, Estepona, Guadalhorce Valley and Vélez-Málaga.

It´s a strong north-western inland wind which heats up significantly on its journey and arrives at the coast descending through the river basins, which is why it is more likely in those coastal municipalities with larger rivers.

Terral wind in summer is very “fearsome”, as temperatures can rise enormously in just a few minutes when the wind hits the coast. It literally dries up your nostrils, eye fluid and throat in less than one minute. Depict yourself in front of an open oven and blowing the air into your face with a hairdryer. That approximately describes the feeling.

Another extremely unpleasant feature is that it doesn’t cool down after dusk. When usually you would expect some refreshment after dusk, the annoying heat just continues and it is very difficult to get a good night’s rest. If you are not lucky, the next day the same all over again.

No, we don’t exaggerate.

How to survive Terral?


If there is a forecast for Terral on a certain day, don´t take any risk. Close all windows and blinds so that your place stays cool. If you know how to make Gazpacho or Ajo Blanco (cold soups great to combat the heat) prepare a big jar and store it cool in the fridge, along with other cold beverages you might fancy! 😉

If you have to do the shopping or other errands, do it early in the morning.

Water your plants also in the morning or at nightfall. Always carry with you a sun had, sunglasses and a little bottle with water. I also found very refreshing little handkerchiefs to wipe the sweat from the forehead.

If you use public transport, you also might find very useful a little bottle of Eau de Cologne to sniff at if your fellow travellers transpire too much; don´t underestimate it, it will save you from more than one annoyance.

Have you ever seen Spanish women with their fans? Well, there is a reason for it! Use it, you’ll love it! Don´t fear to be ridiculous! Personally I developed a fan version with a little spray bottle with water and a few drop of essential oil I like. Spray it around you and then fan. Immediate refreshment guaranteed, addictive!

If you somehow can, avoid the central hours of the day in the street and preferably don’t practice sport if you don’t want to collapse with a heat stroke. You smile and think you are trained and strong and you can handle it? Don´t tempt your fortune. Just yesterday died from a heat stroke a 25 years old man doing gardening.

And of course you won´t leave children or dogs in your parked car. If you are staying in public place with air-con you might take a light scarf with you as the massive change in temperature can cause quickly a cold.

And last no least – the sea. You think that´s the best place to be safe from the heat? Before you jump in, please check the flags. Green is ok for swimming. Precaution is necessary with yellow. Red is high risk and forbidden.

Take it easy, dear Friends, enjoy our lovely Mediterranean diet which is perfect for this heat and then discover first-hand the benefits of a comfortable Siesta. Life is good!