Tips for a Safe Holiday

pinpockets love touristsSpain is one of the safest countries in Europe to travel.

However, and especially in the tourist areas, the offence which ranks first in the ranking is theft; you can protect yourself with some simple behavioral rules.

While on the one hand, nothing is absolutely secure in life as much as we would like, however we can pay some attention to common sense and follow some simple preventive guidelines for your enjoyable holiday, from beginning to end.

• Do not attract attention with expensive jewelry or clothing. Carry an expensive camera in a neutral backpack and not in an exclusive bag of that trademark.

• Keep belongings always in sight.

• Protect your purse or wallet in public transport and in large gatherings (markets, shows, etc.).

• Do not leave valuables or attention calling objects visibly in the car.

• As far as possible, don´t walk around lonely places or poorly lighted areas.

• Be wary of suspicious “aid” (informing about stains on clothing, damage to your vehicle, etc.).

• Do not leave in the room keys, money or valuables. Use the safe.

• In public areas (reception, restaurants, pool) monitor luggage and personal items (purses, cameras, etc.).

• Do not carry more money than necessary.

• Don´t carry the bag on the side of the street; there are robberies committed on a motorcycle in motion, ripping the bag of the shoulder.

• Do not put your wallet in your back pocket.

• Only take the essentials to the beach or pool.

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With these simple tips you can save an unnecessary annoyance. If you have been the victim of a crime, get help by calling 091 (Police) or telephone 902 102 112 (Attention in several languages).