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Alcaucin gastronomy

The introduction of numerous conservatory and subtropical cultivations (avocados, custard apples, mangos, etc.) in the region of Axarquía for years has been contributing a great wealth to the traditional gastronomy, to such an extent, that no longer conceives the typical kitchen of the zone without thinking about these products:

Tomato soap - recipes of Alcaucin, Malaga

Tomato soap

2 garlics
1 leaf of mint
Olive oil

How to cook it:
- Put just a bit of olive oil in a pan and mash all the vegetables.
- Heat a casserole with water.
- Add the pan content to the casserole and cook it.
- When it is finished, cut the bread in fine slices and add the leaf of mint.
- Then let it rest 2 minutes before serving.

Natillas de la Reina - recipes of Alcaucin, malaga

Natillas de la Reina

6 eggs
1 litre of milk
8 tablespoons of sugar
1 stick cinnamon
1 lemon peel
1 and a half spoonful of cornstarch

How to cook it:
- Boil the milk, leaving a little to dilute the cornstarch.
- Put the cinnamon and the lemon peel into the milk and let it boil for a while.
- Then put the eggs and the sugar in an vessel and beat them.
- Later the cornstarch is diluted in cold milk and the eggs and the sugar are added (you must continue beating it).
- Strain the milk we have boiled, mix everything and put it on a low flame, and continue moving with the spoon until it starts to boil.
- Finally, serve it in small dishes and put a bit of cinnamon over them.

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