Almachar gastronomy and recipes

The gastronomy plays an important role in the tourist supply of the town. It has a particular wine production that can you taste and buy in any establishment, as well as the excellent raisins of moscatel's grape (guarantee of origin).

Between all singular dishes of this town, emphasize the 'ajoblanco', roasted peppers salad, 'gazpacho', 'fritillo gitano', 'maimones', oranges with cod, 'puchero', yellow soaps and some sprouts recipes. The most representative dishes are:

Ajoblanco - recipes of Almachar, malaga


200 grams of almonds
100 grams of breadcrumbs
2 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of vinegar
1 and a half litre of cold water
1/4 litres of olive oil

How to cook it:
- Soak the bread in water (just a bit of water, later you will use the rest).
- Crush the almonds with garlic, breadcrumbs dampened in water, the vinegar and a bit of salt until obtaining a white paste.
- Add the olive oil slowly as it was mayonnaise.
- Then add the rest of water with care, until you make a soft cream.
- Finally, strain the 'ajoblanco' and serve it cold, optionally accompanied with grapes, melon or almonds.

Roasted peppers salad - recipes of Almachar, malaga

Roasted peppers salad

1 green pepper
1 red pepper
1/4 of onion
Olive oil

How to cook it:
- First you must roast the peppers (add a bit of olive oil) during 1 and a half hour.
- Then let it rest in the same recipient (at least 20 minutes).
- Peel the peppers and clear its nuggets.
- Cut to strips both the peppers and the onion.
- Flavor it with olive oil, vinegar and salt.
- Put the salad on the refrigerator to serve it cool.

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