Turre History

Archaeological remains have been discovered in Turre going back to paleolithic times, in the Argar settlement of Gatas, and later deposits in Sierra Cabrera in the Cueva del Algarrobo, la Losa and la Parrelera. Later inhabitants left their mark nearer the limits of the town, including Celts during the Iron Age in the Alparatas, and Iberos and Romans in Cádima. However, it is after the Muslim conquest that the most important developments occured. Around Sierra Cabrera there were many small Islamic towns built on the peaks of the lower reaches near Tiján, Inox, las Palomas, La Carrasca and Mófar.

After the foundation of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada, two new settlements sprang up in Teresa and Cabrera. Meanwhile, lower down in the valley the Muslims of Mojácar constructed a watchtower, which gaves its name to a expanding town - Turris, from the Latin. After the conquest of the kingdom of Granada, the moriscos who lived in Mojacar were forced to leave the town and live in the interior, in the territory defined as "more than one league from the coast". Accordingly, a mosque was constructed by this population, but up until the end of the Middle Ages, practically all signs of human occupation disappeared, except around Cádima and a short-lived settlement near the cortijo del Gitano.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Turre had some 1,500 residents, growing to more than 3,000 by 1838, when Vera lost its territories in Sierra Cabrera and ca,e to depend more on Turre, whose iron and copper mining operations were becoming an important source of wealth, helped by its proximity to the mining centres of Bédar and Garrucha.

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