Alozaina gastronomy and recipes

Alozaina counts on a rich gastronomy by the amount and variety of recipes, such as fried leek with eggs, rabbit fried with garlic and tomato, 'gazpachuelo', 'enblanco', 'malcocinado', 'salmorejo' and codfish omelette. In winter you can taste typical sprouts, 'gachas', chickpea stew with codfish and garlic, fried eggs with asparagus, boiled soup and the wheat asparagus omelette. In summer, the roasted peppers salad, 'gazpacho' and 'gazpachillo'. In pastrymaking you can find the 'Pan de Higo' (Spanish Fig Cake), the doughnuts with honey and wine twisted rolls. The most representative dishes are:

Conejo al ajillo con tomate - recipes of Alozaina, malaga

Rabbit fried with garlic and tomato

800 gr of rabbit meat
250 gr of crushed tomatoes
80 gr of olive oil
40 gr of garlic cloves

How to cook it:
- Cut the rabbit in small pieces.
- Mix it with salt and pepper.
- Fry in a pan 20 gr of garlic cloves with olive oil until gild.
- Then add the rabbit, the rest of garlic cloves, the crushed tomatoes and cook it for 20 minutes.
- Add more salt if you want it and serve it (you could also add rice).

Pan de higo - recipes of Alozaina, malaga

Pan de Higo (Spanish Fig Cake)

- 1 and a half kg of dry figs.
- ¾ of brown sugar.
- 1 kg of almonds
- 2 cloves
- 3 gr of cinnamon
- 3 gr of anise seeds

How to cook it:
- Mash the almonds.
- Clean the figs, remove the tails and mash the figs well.
- Add sugar, cloves and cinnamon and mix them.
- Scald the almonds with very hot water and peel them. Cut them up into pieces.
- Add the almonds to the other mixture.
- Put all the content in a mould and tighten it until it gets very compact.

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