Alpandeire festivities

Alpandeire fairs and festivities

In Alpandeire we’ll find several important festivities, amongst which we must mention ‘la Fiesta del Huerto’ (the vegetable farm festivity), ‘Sabado de Gloria’ (Glorious Saturday) and ‘Domingo de Resurreccion’ (Resurrection Sunday), Pilgrimage to the Fray Leopoldo monument and the San Roque local festivities in mid August.

The Vegetable Farm boy festivity

The festivity of the Vegetable Farm’s boy is celebrated on the last day of the Holy Week (Semana Santa), and it’s the best day to try the most delicious and natural 'Pestiños' (a typical Semana Santa sweet in Andalusia, made with flour pastry, fried in olive oil and dipped in honey), ‘Borrachuelos’ (a typical Christmas sweet in Malaga, made with flour, honey, dry white wine, sherry, anisette, olive oil, sesame, sugar glaze and grated orange peel) and other typical sweets from the region. The festivity is organised every year by two male and two female butlers; the male butlers are in charge of working and saving up to organise the festivity and the female butlers on the hand are in charge of all the arrangements and alterations.

The festivity’s preparations begin on the Friday, placing a doll or dummy in the centre of the village square that they call "Saint Judas", from that day or a few days before, the mothers of the chosen butlers prepare the sweets that will be eaten on the Sunday.

On the Sunday, they launch fireworks, they toll the bells and they parade in a religious procession towards the square that they transformed into a vegetable farm. That same morning is when they choose the butlers for the following year, and following the tradition they place a pine tree in front of the male butler’s house and a palm in front of the female butler’s house.

This festivity goes on all day and they set up a bar in the square where they sell sandwiches and drinks, as well as the sweets that the butlers’ mothers had prepared during the week.

Lastly, they set fire to the doll or dummy they placed in the square.

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