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Impressive view of BenadalidBenadalid, a charming municipality located in the Serranía de Ronda, is one of the numerous white villages of Andalusia that are found in the heart of the province of Malaga.

At present, Benadalid has become an important destination for rural tourism in Andalusia. Its well-preserved archaeological remains are a fascinating testimony of its rich history, which will undoubtedly surprise visitors.

This picturesque village, located in a beautiful natural environment, offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy its impressive landscape, get to know its unique culture and taste its exquisite gastronomy, which reflects the culinary diversity of the region.

History of Benadalid

The historic castle of Benadalid, now a cemeteryBenadalid is named after the Berber tribe that settled in the area in the 8th century, Al Jalid de Banu. For many years, it was the capital of a region known as TA Kurunna.

In Benadalid, you will find a castle of possible Roman origin, which was later used by the Arabs without making any modification. Today, this castle serves as a cemetery, adding another layer to the rich history of this municipality.

The Roman castle could have been built on Celtiberian remains, although they have not yet been discovered. Benadalid was conquered by the Arabs in the year 711, specifically by the Berber empire, from which it gets its name. Later, it became part of the Kingdom of Granada.

In 1485, the Christian armies took Benadalid and destroyed the Arab buildings that had been built. The Muslims and Moriscos were definitively expelled from the peninsula in 1570, although two thirds of them returned, mixing with the culture of Andalusia and the rest of Spain.

The castle was ceded to the town during the 19th century for use as a municipal cemetery.

During the civil war, all archives and religious images were destroyed.

Discover the charm of Benadalid!

Benadalid is a hidden treasure full of rich history, vibrant festivities and delicious gastronomy. There is something for everyone in this charming corner of Andalusia!

Places to visit

Benadalid, a picturesque village in the province of Malaga, is a hidden treasure full of rich history. In Benadalid, you will find a castle of possible Roman origin, which was later used by the Arabs without making any modification. Today, this castle serves as a cemetery, adding another layer to the rich history of this municipality.

  • The Cross of Humilladero: This cross was built in 1776 by two Portuguese brothers who came to Benadalid to work on the expansion of the church. It's a place full of history! (Map)
  • Viewpoint of Castanares: Panoramic views of Benadalid. (Map)
  • Roman Fountain and Laundry: Old fountain of Benadalid that has also been used as a laundry. (Map)
  • Hiking Routes: You will find various hiking routes such as the one that goes to Benalauria (Map) or the one of the Copper Forest (Map).
  • The Alambique Museum: In this museum you can learn about the history of the town, it is located in an old distillery. (Map)
  • Castle of the 4 Towers: Medieval castle converted into a cemetery. (Map)

Local fairs and festivals

  • Romería de San Isidro: Celebrated each year in March or April, these festivities are an explosion of colour and joy.
  • Moors and Christians: A fascinating spectacle that represents the historical struggle between Moors and Christians and is celebrated at the end of August. Great gastronomic offer and activities for children.
  • Benadalid Fair: At the end of August, the neighbours of Benadalid invite everyone to join their summer fair with activities for all.


The gastronomy of Benadalid is a reflection of its rich culture. From traditional dishes to modern innovations. Here you will find some recommendations:

  • Fennel with vegetables: A simple but flavourful dish, perfect for vegetable lovers.
  • Malcocinao: A stew based on vegetables that will make you feel at home.
  • Vinegar soup: A soup with an acidic touch that will surprise you.
  • Hot gazpacho: A hot version of the famous Andalusian gazpacho, ideal for colder days.
  • Moorish stew: A stew with an exotic touch that will transport you to other cultures.

And don't forget the desserts:

  • Borrachuelos: A typical sweet from the area that you can't miss.
  • Rice with milk: A classic that never fails.
  • Canes and honey: A sweet and sticky dessert that will leave you wanting more.

How to get to Benadalid?

If you are planning a visit to Benadalid and you like the idea of travelling by car, there are several routes you can take. One of the main routes goes through Manilva. This route of approximately 130 kilometres will take you through some of the most impressive landscapes in the region. Moreover, it is the same road you would take if you wanted to visit other charming villages such as Ronda or Casares, so you might consider making a stop at these places on your way to Benadalid.

Another option to get to Benadalid from Malaga airport is to take the direction towards Cartama and Ardales.

Both routes have a distance of approximately 130 kilometres and the travel time is around 1 hour and 45 minutes, although this can vary depending on the state of the traffic. Do you prefer a route that takes you along the beautiful coast or would you like to drive through the impressive interior of the province? The choice is yours.

If you do not have your own vehicle, there is no problem. We recommend that you take a look at our options for car hire in Malaga. We offer a wide range of vehicles to meet all your travel needs. Having a vehicle will not only make your trip easier, but it will also allow you to discover the most interesting places in the towns of Malaga with total comfort.

Tourist information about Benadalid

Town council: Plaza Beni Al Jali, 1 - 29493 Benadalid.
Phone: +34 952 15 27 53
Official website: Ayuntamiento de Benadalid.

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