Botanical Garden Seasons

The Botanical Garden of Malaga can be enjoyed, and admired, in Winter as well as in any other season of the year, since it is populated mainly by perennial tropical plants: giant ficus, majestic araucarias, multiple varied tall and slender palms, a sculptural Canary Islands Dragon Tree, extraordinary cycads, huge bird of paradise flowers, groves of very tall bamboos…

And all this with such a rich range of colours and light that it well deserves the sobriquet of "The Garden with the Hundred Shades of Green".

In Autumn it acquires golden and copper coloured tones, which are the same time melancholic an romantic. In winter, the delicate yellow flowering of the mimosa is reflected in the nymph stream.

In Spring there is the spectacular explosion of the wisteria, twining climbers that cover the iron lace of the stately dining arbour hurling themselves up in search of the sun, covering the high crows of ficus and cypresses trees and the thin trunks of several palms in cascades of violety- blue flowers.

And in Summer different coloured water lilies shine, including the mythical blue water lily. When Malaga is at its hottest, in the heart of this shady forest the thermometer indicates several degrees lower, turning your visit into a refreshing walk.

See how to get to the Botanical Garden.

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