Rota Nature

Environmental Route
Duration: 3 hours approx.
Distance: 4 km.
Difficulty: Low.

By taking part on this route, you are going to be able to witness soem of the most unknown aras of Rota. You start with a visiti to Atlantic Park and continue down to the Costilla beach where heading north to the Playa de la Luz Hotel.

At the far end of the beach, are dunes and wave breakers stretching as far as the hotel, which was originally a tuna fish factory. On the right are corals that lie below the water level and can only be seen at low tide. These stone packets remain from the Arabic times, where they were perfectly stacked on top of one another and could me measure up to 1,5 metres in height. The fish, crustaceans and molluscs would find themselves trapped in the corals during low tide, which allowed the fishermen to capture them.

Once the corals have been explored, head up the dunes, leaving behind the Playa Hotel on the right, from which an eye catching green cap of pines trees can be seen. Behind you is the beach and the corals.

Once you enter the pines, the landscape begins to change. As you leave behind the low lying pine trees bordering the coast together with the brooms, you arrive at the heart of the pine grove where the trees reach considerable heights.

Continue until you arrive at an area with recreational installations where you can rest. Along the way you will have seen a large column. This is a geo-disk which signals the highest point of the zone in aerial photographs. From here you hace two alternatives: Return on foot to the centre of Rota or, if you are very tired, leave the pine trees and head onto the Avenida de la Diputación where you can take the bus, which passes every 30 minutes.

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