Hire a Yamaha TMAX or similar at Malaga airport.

  • Yamaha TMAX for hire at Malaga airport
  • Honda X-ADV for hire at Malaga airport

Group: MI.

Model: Yamaha TMAX, Honda X-ADV.

Passengers: 2 seater.

Doors: 0.

Age limit: 25.

Extras: .


Welcome to Malaga, the beautiful city on the Costa del Sol! If you're looking for a fun and convenient way to explore the city and its surroundings, why not rent a motorbike? There are many models available that offer a thrilling ride while also being comfortable and practical.

Some of the most popular models are Maxi Scooters, which are larger and more powerful than regular scooters. They have cubic capacities ranging from 500 cc to 800 cc and are perfect for those with a sporty spirit who also appreciate the comfort and advantages of a scooter. These scooters are equipped with features such as space for a full-face helmet, USB ports, and comfortable seats.

Another popular option is urban off-road scooters, which are versatile for city riding and capable of adapting to any terrain, road or motorway. These scooters have cubic capacities ranging from 600 cc to 800 cc and are perfect for those looking for adventure or trail riding but also want to give it a go in the city.

So why wait? Rent a motorbike today and start exploring Malaga like never before!

Rent a Yamaha TMAX

Would you like to explore the Costa del Sol with style, comfort and power? Then the Yamaha TMax is the scooter you are looking for. It is a maxi scooter of reference in its segment, with a 560 cc engine that offers you impressive performance.

Sporty spirit with comfort

The Yamaha TMax combines the sporty spirit of a motorcycle with the advantages and ease of driving of a scooter. It is the ideal vehicle to enjoy your stay in Malaga, a city full of charm, culture and history. You can visit its monuments, such as the Alcazaba, the Roman Theater or the Cathedral, its museums, such as the Picasso or the Pompidou, its beaches, such as the Malagueta or the Caleta, and its most typical corners, such as the Central Market or the Port.


  • Equipped with a 7" full colour TFT digital display
  • Smartphone connection via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB socket
  • The seat is designed to ensure maximum comfort for riders of all sizes
  • The underseat well can accommodate a single full-face helmet or two jet helmets
  • A2 driving licence required
Yamaha T-Max

Rent a Honda X-ADV

The Honda X-ADV is a scooter that breaks the boundaries between urban and adventurous. With a 745 cc engine that delivers 59 hp, the X-ADV is capable of taking you on any terrain, road or highway with confidence and safety. It is the ideal vehicle to enjoy your stay in Malaga, a city that offers you much more than sun and beach.

A scooter to explore and have fun

If you like strong emotions, the X-ADV is the scooter you need. Its robust and modern design, with dual LED headlights, TFT digital screen, handguards and protective bars, gives it an SUV look that does not go unnoticed. Its technological equipment, with five driving modes, traction control, DCT automatic transmission, Bluetooth connection, USB port and parking brake, makes your life easier behind the wheel. And its under-seat space, with room for a full-face helmet, allows you to comfortably store your belongings.


  • Parallel twin-cylinder engine of 745 cc and 59 hp
  • DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission with six speeds
  • 5" full-color TFT digital screen
  • Five driving modes: Rain, Standard, Gravel, Sport and User
  • HSTC traction control with three levels
  • Connection with smartphone via Bluetooth and Honda Smartphone Voice Control System
  • Type C USB port under the seat
  • Parking brake on the handlebar
  • Under-seat space for a full-face helmet
  • A2 driving license required

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