Luxury car hire in Malaga

In we offer the best prices on luxury car rental in Malaga. Imagine driving one of these high-end vehicles through Marbella or Puerto Banus, discovering inland villages by road while enjoying beautiful scenery or feel the fresh air of the mountains with your convertible latest model of BMW, Mini or Ferrari among others.


Mini Clubman New Generation

With the new Mini Clubman the German brand aims to compete in the market for luxury family vehicles. Its front still remembers its little brother, the Mini Cooper, but the rest of the car has been stretched to obtain more space and comfort. Its interior has increased considerably compared to previous models, with 360 litres of storage, counting only its trunk, reaching 1,250 litres by folding the rear seats.

Mini Clubman

These vehicles use a 2-liter engine with an output of 150 hp, using a 6-speed gearbox in the manual models and an 8-speed in the automatic ones.

Regarding consumption it uses about 4.4 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres and emits 115 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

In you can rent your Mini Clubman both manual (D4 Group) and automatic version (DD Group).

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Mini Cooper Cabriolet

The Mini Cabriolet model adds the pleasant sensation of feeling the wind while driving this Mini, which has a touch of own design that distinguishes it from any other model. It has a dashboard with rounded counters and clocks, very neat finishes and quality materials throughout the car including the seats, where we will feel very comfortable while driving.

Mini Cooper Cabrio

The MINI Cabrio does not have a hardtop, but instead has a fabric roof that can be configured in two different ways, adding a touch of personality to the vehicle. In the first position are discovered only the front seats; or if you prefer, you store the roof fully automatically in the receptacle on the rear of the MINI.

This vehicle is definitely a good choice for anyone looking for a good rental car reduced in size with a capacity of up to 122 hp, ideal for city and for long distances due to low consumption of only 5.4 litres per 100 kilometres.

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BMW 2 Series Cabrio

The BMW 2 Series Cabrio is a comfortable 4-seater convertible with an trademark exterior finish. We could consider this car as the response of BMW to the Audi A4 Cabrio and Mercedes Benz CLK Cabrio. This 2-door convertible BMW has an automatic 8-speed Steptronic gearbox.

BMW 2 Series Cabrio

The BMW 2 Series Cabrio has a very comfortable driving position and is really fun to drive; no doubt it is a safe value for those wishing to rent a luxury convertible for their holidays in Malaga.

Among the main features of the BMW 2 Series Cabrio are its 136 hp, yielding a maximum speed of up to 207 km/h, average consumption of 5.5 l/100 km and a great agility in city thanks to its steering ratio.

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BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

The new BMW 5 Series GT is without doubt one of the best luxury sedans in the market. Its sleek, streamlined design serves as an introduction to a complete car where BMW has developed its full potential.

BMW 5 Series GT

This vehicle has an engine of 184 hp with an average consumption of 5.5 l/100 km. Its 8-speed Gearbox can make use of the so-called xDrive, an all-wheel drive system that provides grip in the most adverse conditions.

It also has countless electronic advances, such as the Stop & Start system (engine stops at traffic lights), High Beam Assistant (auto regulates high beams to avoid dazzling), BMW Night Vision (warns of animals and pedestrians directing to the road), among others.

Be advised, after renting a BMW 5 Series GT, any other car won´t seem much.

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The luxury car market has evolved considerably in recent years. Until a few years ago dominated the beautiful but tiny two-seater sports cars. But with the arrival of SUVs and luxury SUVs, these four-wheel beasts have taken over the road.


Proof of this is the strong commitment that BMW has done renovating their X series, among which we highlight the BMW X5. This rear-drive model has 231 hp, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.7 seconds and reaching a top speed of 220 km/h. Despite its power, it consumes around 5.3 l/100km and CO2 emissions do not exceed 140g/km.

In addition, the automatic gearbox 8-speed equipped with ECO PRO system (neutral gear to keep speed) provides a smoother and more efficient driving.

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Ferrari California Cabrio

Ferrari California is a grand luxury car of 4297 cc and 460 hp, a power that we can dose with its 3 driving styles on the steering wheel.

Comfort: This mode is for low grip conditions on the road, such as asphalt in poor condition or rain. Being the mode that offers greater security, it is recommended for normal driving.

Sport: This mode offers the full power of the vehicle with good stability.

Ferrari California

CST-Off: This third mode completely disables all driving aids so the stability control and traction are deactivated.

Ferrari California has 7 automatic gears and ceramic brakes; the power of its engine provides a top speed of 310 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 in just 3.7 seconds.

If you like driving you should not miss the opportunity to rent a Ferrari California in Malaga.

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