Electric Scooters Hire in Malaga

We want this year to be one full of innovations and improvements. In addition to a complete renovation of our fleet of cars, we have decided to add a very interesting extra, the rental of electric scooters in Malaga!

Electric Scooters Hire in Malaga

How can I hire one?

It is very easy, in the booking form you will find a new extra available, where you can add the number of electric scooters you need.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each electric scooter is € 7 per day (minimum of € 30, requires a security deposit of € 200).

Where do I pick it up?

We deliver it to you in the our office, along with your car. Everything is comfort!

What advantages does it have?

It is the ideal complement to visit the different cities of the Costa del Sol and it does not matter if you park the car far from the centre; or even if you decide to leave it in the hotel parking lot, since you can go long distances without getting tired

It is very easy to transport, it can be folded and it weighs less than a bike.

In addition, it is a ecological and fun way of sightseeing, without fumes or annoying noises.

Which models are available?

We have opted for the Xiaomi M365 and the Seat eXS KickScooter, it seems to us two of the best electric scooters of the moment. They have a good autonomy, besides being comfortable and easy to store.

Xiaomi - Seat


Model: Xiaomi M365 Seat eXS KickScooter
Weight: 12,5kg 12,5kg
Autonomy: 30km 25km
Maximum speed: 25km/h (18km/h in cruise control) 25km/h (18km/h in cruise control)
Maximum load: 100kg 100kg
Recommended height: 120-200cm 120-200cm
Tyre size: 21,6cm 20cm
Loading time: 5 hours 3,5 hours
Maximum inclination: 14º 10º
Dimensions (vertical): 108cm x 43cm x 114cm 102cm x 43cm x 113cm
Dimensions (folded): 108cm x 43cm x 49cm 113cm x 43cm x 40cm
Braking distance: 4m (on dry asphalt) 4m (on dry asphalt)
Structure: Aerospace aluminum Aluminium alloy


Have you already decided? Make the most of your car hire Malaga airport with a practical and fun electric scooter.