Electric Scooters Hire in Malaga

Did you know that at MalagaCar.com you can add a very interesting extra to your car hire: Electric scooter hire in Malaga!

It is already a very typical image in all big cities: the alternative transport by electric scooter.

electric scooter hire Malaga
Through the streets of Malaga on your electric scooter. Photo MalagaHoy

Precisely in Malaga, with its mild climate all year round, it is an ideal way to move around.

Discover new places or move quickly from your accommodation to the beach, for example, or just stop by for that ice cream you’ve been craving for.

The possibilities are almost endless!

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Update 2024: Until further notice, these vehicles will no longer be available. We apologise for the inconvenience.

How do I rent one?

It is very easy. You book your rental car in Malaga with us, MalagaCar.com.


In the booking form you will find a new extra available, where you can add the number of electric scooters you need.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each electric scooter is €7 per day (minimum €30, requires a security deposit of €200) for the Basic model.

The Pro version costs €14 per day (minimum €60, requires a security deposit of €300).

Where do I pick it up?

We deliver it to you at our office, along with your car – it’s all about convenience!

What are the advantages?

electric scooter hire malaga
Taking a stroll around Malaga’s Muelle Uno (Pier One)

The electric scooter has become a very economical and agile means of mobility.

It is the ideal complement to visit the different cities of the Costa del Sol.

It doesn’t matter if you park your car far from the centre, or even if you decide to leave it in the hotel car park, as you can travel long distances without getting tired.

A great way to avoid traffic jams.

Remember to drive on the bike lane (where there are bike lanes).

It is very easy to carry and transport. It can be folded and weighs less than a bike.

You’ll never have parking problems.

Moreover, it is an ecological and fun way of sightseeing, without smoke or annoying noises.

Which models are available for rent?

We have two models available: Basic and Pro.

Electric Scooter Hire in Malaga

Both are great for getting around the city, but there are some differences that we will show you below:


Model: Basic Pro
Engine power: 250 W 600 W
Autonomy: Up to 25 km Up to 40 km
Maximum speed: 25km/h 25 km/h
Maximum load: 90 kg 150 kg
Loading time: 4-5 hours 4-5 hours
Tyre size: 8.5 inches 10 inches
Structure: Aluminium Aluminium
Price: 7 €/day (minimum: 30 €) 14 €/day (minimum: 60 €)
Deposit: 200 € 300 €

What do you need to know to drive your electric scooter in Malaga?

• The age limit for using this vehicle on public roads and spaces is 16 years old.

Children from 10 years old can use the electric scooter as long as it is suitable for their age, height and weight in areas closed to traffic and under the responsibility of their parents.

Electric scooters cannot be driven on pavements. Photo DiarioSur

• Scooters must be ridden in cycle lanes. They may not use interurban roads, motorways, dual carriageways, crossings, urban tunnels, nor may they use pavements and pedestrian areas.

• The regulations for electric scooters in Malaga prohibit riding in the historic centre, promenade, pedestrian areas and pavements.

• They are not allowed to exceed the maximum speed of 25 km/h. The penalty is 500 € and also entails the immobilisation of the electric scooter.

In the video below, a character was filmed overtaking a car at 100km/h. By the way, the driver filming also commits an offence.

• You cannot transport a second person, so adding a second passenger will be penalised with a fine of €100.

• You may not use your electric scooter while intoxicated, using your mobile phone or using your headphones. The penalty can be up to €200.

FAQs about Electric Scooter Hire in Malaga

Where can I pick up the electric scooter?

We deliver it together with your rental car in our office, next to Malaga airport.

Do I need a driving licence for the scooter?

No licence is required for this type of scooter.

What is the minimum age to drive a scooter?

16 years old.

How many people can use the scooter at the same time?

Only one person.

Where can I ride?

In cycle lanes. Where there is no cycle lane, you can ride on the road.

Photo Diario Sur

Where can I not ride?

On pavements. Pedestrian areas. Promenades.

Do I need a helmet?

At the moment it is not compulsory in Malaga.

What are the fines?

– Driving under 16 years of age: 60€.
– Driving two or more people on the same scooter: 90€.
– Driving without lights: 90€.
– Driving on the pavement, promenades and pedestrian areas: 200€.
– Parking outside permitted areas: 200€.
– Exceeding the maximum speed limit of 25km/h: 200€.
– Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or in a reckless manner: 500€.

I am over the maximum weight limit, can I drive one?

Scooters are quite robust. However, they are designed for flat surfaces.

Is it possible to rent the scooter for only part of the duration of my rental?

As a general rule, the scooter is collected with the car, although this does not necessarily have to coincide with the same date as the car collection/return.

Do I have to carry liability insurance?

No. It is only compulsory for electric scooter rental companies.

Have you already made up your mind? Make the most of your car hire Malaga airport with a practical and fun electric scooter.

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