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3 Fabulous reasons for Convertible Hire in Malaga

We’re going to give you some very good reasons to hire a convertible in Malaga, plus some useful tips for driving it, so read on!

Are you thinking about hiring a convertible in Malaga? Enjoying Malaga, its beaches and landscapes sounds great, but doing it while driving a Cabrio sounds even better.

Plus, the good news: Due to the mild climate in Malaga, you can enjoy open-air driving practically all year round. (more…)

5 reasons why van rental at Malaga airport is the perfect solution

  • Posted on June 6, 2023
  • Reading time: 7 minutes

There are many reasons for a van rental at Malaga Airport. Are you planning a move? Do you want to empty your garage? Do you need to transport heavy or bulky objects? Are you a professional transporter or do you need a vehicle suitable for your tools?

At we guarantee you will always find the right van. We offer both vans and minibuses, find out more!

Electric car hire in Malaga & Costa del Sol

  • Posted on March 8, 2023
  • Reading time: 6 minutes

Good news for electric mobility! At we continue to work on the transition towards sustainable mobility by adding electric cars to our fleet, with a wide range of categories, sizes and prices. Discover our electric car hire at Malaga airport!

This season 2024 we do not have electric cars. Subscribe to our Newsletter for our latest news.

Hybrid Car Hire at Malaga Airport

  • Posted on March 3, 2023
  • Reading time: 7 minutes

We at are constantly renewing our fleet and offer also hybrid car hire at Malaga airport.

You can follow the links we provide with the latest hybrid car models belonging to each rental group. You can also keep an eye on our price list to see if there is a new group.

This season 2024 we do not have guaranteed hybrid cars. Subscribe to our Newsletter for our latest news.

Campervan hire at Malaga airport – Everything you need to know

A year ago we expanded our offer with campervan hire at Malaga airport. It has been a great success and that is why this year we have added two great models that we describe below, the Volkswagen California Beach Tour and the Fiat Ducato Maxi Camper.

Although this form of travel has always been popular, last year the pandemic in Malaga triggered the sale and rental of motorhomes as an alternative to traditional accommodation, both for families and groups of friends because of the enormous freedom it gives us.

Enjoy a new way of travelling on the Costa del Sol. Imagine the possibilities that renting a campervan in Malaga offers you!