5 reasons why van rental at Malaga airport is the perfect solution

There are many reasons for a van rental at Malaga Airport. Are you planning a move? Do you want to empty your garage? Do you need to transport heavy or bulky objects? Are you a professional transporter or do you need a vehicle suitable for your tools?

At MalagaCar.com we guarantee you will always find the right van. We offer both vans and minibuses, find out more!

Update 2024: Until further notice, these vehicles will no longer be available. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Why hire a van at Malaga Airport?

Van rental is currently experiencing a real boom. More and more customers want to rent a large van instead of buying one.

Especially for one-off transports, a rented van can be used. But a van is also necessary for instance for a removal or to clear an inventory.

Discover the many good reasons why van rental at Malaga airport is the perfect solution.


Renting a van for stress-free moving

Moving home is often stressful and expensive. If friends and family are able to help, it is a good idea to hire a van and do the move yourself. Hiring a professional removal company is up to three times more expensive than renting a van.

Moreover, we can make the move at our own pace and in Malagacar.com we can rent a van that suits our needs in terms of model, size and rental period.

Renting a van to move heavy or bulky objects

As an example, very close to our office is located IKEA Malaga. When we are “Do it yourself” people, we are quickly confronted with the fact that our car is not suitable for carrying the furniture, shelves etc. bought there.

van hire malaga
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Hiring a transport company on site is a hassle, as it takes a considerable amount of time, in addition to the fact that the carrier will choose the delivery time slot.

Therefore, in order to transport these objects safely, van rental at Malaga airport is a very good choice.

Holiday with lots of luggage? Book a van or minibus

Have you planned a road trip with friends or family for your next holiday in Malaga? Are you coming to play golf with friends and bring your own equipment?

Thus, van rental at Malaga airport, or hiring a 7-seater or a 9-seater for the duration of your holiday is a good idea for everyone to travel comfortably and safely.

Van rental for professionals

 Van hire Malaga for professionals
Are you a professional or haulier and need a van or small truck to carry out your business activities?

Take a look at our available models, surely you´ll find one that suits your needs.

Renting a van for an event

Do you need a van for an event? Catering? Concert? Exhibition? Street market?

Renting the van you need for these specific days is the cheapest option to organise your events independently.

We also have minibuses for hire to transport passengers. They are often rented by clubs and other institutions.

You can rent such a vehicle for the next children’s birthday party, for example, or if you are planning an excursion with the family.

FAQs about van rental

Fiat Ducato Van Malagacar.com
Fiat Ducato Van. Credit Depositphotos

What is the use of renting a van?

Renting a van is especially suitable for one-off tasks that require a certain amount of time. Or you have changing tasks that regularly require vehicles of different sizes.

What driving licence do I need to rent a van?

To rent a van you need a valid class B driving licence. With this licence you can drive vans up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW).

Is there a minimum age for renting a van?

Yes, the minimum age is 21. In addition, you must have held your driving licence for at least 2 years.

Is it difficult to drive a van?

Depending on its size and weight, a van behaves differently from a passenger car. Starting takes longer and, depending on the gear lever, is more jerky than with a small car. The braking distance is longer, especially if the van is loaded.

Can someone else drive the van?

Yes. When you collect the van from our office you can specify a second driver if you wish. Remember that for this we need both the original ID card/passport and driving licence, we do not accept photocopies.

Without the inclusion of a second driver in the rental contract, the vehicle may only be driven by the main Hirer.

Van models available at MalagaCar.com

Renault Kangoo Van 4m3

van hire Malaga airport
The smallest van available has seating for 2 passengers. The Renault Kangoo is a good choice for moving small objects and boxes.

Its load volume is up to 4m3, with a maximum load of 630 kg.

Toyota Verso Van 8m3

 transporter hire Malaga
In the next range of compact vans is the Toyota Verso with a maximum of 8m3.

If you require more space for moving or transporting larger items, this van can carry items up to 2.40m and allows a maximum weight of 850kg. It can also carry up to 3 passengers.

Fiat Ducato Van 10m3

transporte hire Malaga
The Fiat Ducato Van 10m3 is very versatile and can be your perfect choice for both removals and the professional sector, such as transporting tools or large boxes. It has the best load capacity in its class.

It is agile and easy to manoeuvre and features a practical side door and low loading sill.

Fiat Ducato Van 12m3

van hire Malaga airport
Do you need to make a move that requires a large size? With the Fiat Ducato 12m3 you can do removals or move heavy objects up to 1300 kg.

This van offers 1.88 m of interior height if you need to move objects in an upright position. It has 3 passenger seats.

Fiat Ducato Van 15m3

van hire Malaga
The Fiat Ducato 15m3 is one of the largest vans in our fleet in terms of volume, both for private use such as removals, as well as for professional use for transporting goods.

The load limit is 1300 kg and it offers a considerable load capacity even for high objects. There are 3 passenger seats.

Iveco Daily Van 20m3

van hire Malaga
The Iveco Daily is the most spacious van in our fleet, for large removals, transporting bulky goods or for commercial use. It offers seating for two passengers.

It has a low loading height and can be driven with a B license.

Your advantages when renting a van with MalagaCar.com

Reliable local company & expert in the area

We are a car hire company at Malaga airport with more than 20 years of experience in the sector and with our own fleet of more than 4,000 vehicles.

Malagacar.com office Malaga airport
Our staff at Malaga airport

Price transparency

You rent your van directly with us and don’t pay a cent to intermediaries. This way we guarantee a cheap car hire in Malaga and a professional service.

The price you see is the price you pay, with no hidden costs.

Wide range of vehicles

With us you will find cars for every need and budget. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our wide range and find now the vehicle you need.

What we offer

  • Rental packages tailored to your needs
  • Easy booking and cost transparency
  • Booking without a credit card
  • Pay when you pick up your car
  • No worries with the all-inclusive package
  • Liability and comprehensive insurance
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • 24 h car delivery/collection
  • Free modification or cancellation
  • No mileage limit
  • No additional charge for refuelling service
  • Customer loyalty programme. Accumulate bookings and get up to 20% permanent discount.

If you are still in doubt about renting a van with us, take a look at the Malagacar reviews with thousands of satisfied customers.

Unbeatable rates for car hire

  • Large fleet of brand new cars.
  • Pay on arrival.
  • What you see is what you pay.
  • No hard sell at desk.
  • VIP delivery service for free.
  • No fuel rip-off, we do not charge refueling service fee.

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