Three Kings Parades in Malaga 2019

Undoubtedly the most awaited day in Spain (for children) is the 3 Kings day on January 6. During this day, which is a bank Holiday in Spain, children finally receive their long-awaited gifts from the hand of the Three Wise Men from the East.

On the eve of 3 Kings Day, in the afternoon of January 5, there is probably no child at home, since everyone is in the streets to see the crowded and colourful Three Kings Parade…. continue reading →

Christmas Markets Malaga 2018

Christmas starts this weekend in Malaga with the lighting of Christmas lights and also are starting the first Christmas markets in the province…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: December 2018

December in Málaga is classically the month of many Christmas markets and enjoying the lively atmosphere in the Costa del Sol municipalities…. continue reading →

14 Featured Spas on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is equivalent to rest, wellness and relaxation, and a warm atmosphere near the sea. To this culture of well-being also belong the Spas, to which we dedicate this blog. We review not only the best Spas on the Costa del Sol but also some more accessible ones that are certainly worth a visit for their pleasant facilities…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: November 2018

This November in Malaga await us many Music festivals, along with the expected inauguration of the Christmas lights in Malaga. Full information in our Blog…. continue reading →

New fuel labels from October 12, 2018

As of October 12, the new European regulations for the labelling of service stations will be applied in Spain. Everything you need to know about the new pump labels and what kind of fuel you should use in your vehicle…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: October 2018

Halloween Malaga 2018

October is one of the best months on the Costa del Sol when due the excellent climate you can enjoy countless outdoor activities, check out our Events Calendar for this month!… continue reading →

Halloween in Malaga 2018- Everything you need to know

Each year spreads more and more the Halloween Fever in Malaga – the locals grab any opportunity to celebrate! – and therefore each year there are more places that offer fun and terrifying activities.


If you are in the province and you want to participate but you don´t know where to go or what to wear, here’s a quick guide to events and shops where you can buy a creepy costume…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: September 2018

Luna Mora Festival Guaro 2018

The suffocating heat of August is slowly diminishing and the favourite month of many of our clients arrives, September. More affordable prices, less traffic and cooler nights are just some of the advantages of traveling to the Costa del Sol during this month. Here comes our Events calendar Malaga September 2018…. continue reading →

Rip Currents – The Unknown Danger for Bathers

Corriente de resaca

We’re in the middle of summer, the water temperature is perfect and invites to a swim.

Although we would prefer to bask in this summery beach image, it is a sad reality that every year there are many deaths and rescues on the Spanish coasts; many of them by leaping  into an element of which bathers are unaware of the potential dangers, such as currents that can become traps even for experienced swimmers.

Take a few minutes and read our entry on rip currents, it might be useful someday…. continue reading →