Malaga Fair 2017

Malaga Fair from August 12 to 20

The Malaga Fair is one of the most lively and popular fairs in Spain and attracts each year a large number of local and foreign visitors who enjoy lots of music, dancing and the typical Cartojal wine – well chilled to combat the high temperatures. The fair takes place during the day in the streets of the historic centre and then moves at night to the fairgrounds where people keep celebrating until dawn.

Fireworks at midnight of August 12th mark the beginning of the Malaga Fair which during the day is celebrated in the historic centre and in the evening and night at the fairgrounds Cortijo de Torres. The fairgrounds are also the stage of the traditional horse exhibitions…. continue reading →

6 Useful Tricks to Avoid Theft at the Beach

Nowadays rarely people are seen enjoying the beach without taking the mobile phone, many times along with other electronic devices, to enjoy their leisure by the sea. In addition almost everybody brings the car keys and some money.
In order that this refreshing dip into the water does not end up with a very great trouble when returning to the towel and realizing that our belongings have been stolen, here some easy beach tricks…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: August 2017

Enjoy the summer and a wide variety of activities and events in Malaga in August, check out our latest blog entry…. continue reading →

Beware! Flip-flop summer control in cars!

As every summer, the social media are full of posts stating that it´s an infringement to drive for instance without shirt or drinking water and people get quickly exasperated with this kind of notice, the DGT released a statement in an attempt to clarify the facts. … continue reading →

The 10 Best Rooftop Terraces in Malaga

Atardecer desde terraza del Hotel AC Málaga Palacio
Malaga is trendy. The friendly Mediterranean city includes in its naturally wide range of nightlife another very attractive feature for urban visitors and residents who love to enjoy the city in summer: Rooftop Terraces.

As you will discover, having a drink at sunset on a terrace overlooking the city is another of the pleasures that offers Malaga. We invite you for a stroll, discovering the best terraces overlooking Malaga…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: July 2017

Comprehensive information about festivals and concerts for the month of July 2017 in Malaga…. continue reading →

All you need to know about Terral

Our Malaga based Friends very probably have already experienced it at least once, as it happens about 5 to 6 times every summer. But …what is it???
Terral wind is a local weather phenomenon in Málaga area, Estepona, Guadalhorce Valley and Vélez-Málaga.
continue reading →

Hybrid Car Hire at Malaga Airport

Hybrid Car Hire

Just over a week ago we announced the acquisition of the new Volkswagen Polo for the CE and CA groups. As we commented at the end of the article, we had a pending surprise. We are pleased to announce that the wait has come to an end; you can now rent a hybrid car at!continue reading →

New Rental Cars in Groups CE and CA

VW Polo

You´ll probably remember that at the beginning of this year we acquired a lot of 9-seater cars for hire. Many of you are not interested in so spacious vehicles, thus this week we have registered a new batch of compact cars. On this occasion we have renewed the vehicles of one of the most rented groups by our customers, CE, as well as its automatic version, CA…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: June 2017

Summer has arrived in Malaga! Enjoy a large number of events, concerts and open air events. Find out more in our Events Calendar for June 2017…. continue reading →