Oh, Malaga! Discover the most enchanting corners of Malaga

Welcome to Malaga!

Malaga’s classic attractions (of which there are quite a few by the way!) can be found in any decent travel guide to this ancient city situted in the bay of Malaga.

But we’re going to make your mouth water with this alternative Insider tour of local and visiting photographers and show you some real gems of Malaga that you probably didn’t know about yet.


Speed cameras in Malaga Summer 2021


For this summer 2021 the Spanish General Directorate of Traffic has updated its list of speed cameras in the province of Málaga, with a total of 54 speed cameras. It is expected to be a busy summer in terms of travelling around our beautiful province and if we prefer to spend our money on cold beers and pescaito instead of fines, it is worth bearing in mind where these fixed speed cameras (properly signposted), stretch radars (those that force you to respect the maximum speed limit for several kilometres) and hidden mobile speed cameras are located.


Luxury car hire at Malaga Airport

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