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Forget the first Grocery Shopping with your Startpackage at Malagacar.Com is a service where they do the first shopping for you.
Instead of running around to find the nearest supermarkets, you now can have the opportunity to start your well-earned holiday right away, when you arrive at your holiday home, with a nice glass of wine/beer and a late-night snack.

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Traffic Fines in Malaga

radar de tramo
Here we offer a small reminder of fines on Spanish roads, in addition to the obvious: Not breaking the law comes cheaper!

What if you have violated any restrictions with your rental car in Malaga? Do you have to pay a fine? And how is the process if you live abroad?

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Hand luggage – Measures allowed by the most popular airlines

As strange as it may seem, there is no generalized standard on the size and weight of the luggage allowed on board, so that the size allowed varies considerably according to the airline with which we fly.

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Beware! Flip-flop summer control in cars!

As every summer, the social media are full of posts stating that it´s an infringement to drive for instance without shirt or drinking water and people get quickly exasperated with this kind of notice, the DGT released a statement in an attempt to clarify the facts.

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Three Kings Parades in Malaga

Undoubtedly the most awaited day in Spain (for children) is the 3 Kings day on January 6. During this day, which is a bank Holiday in Spain, children finally receive their long-awaited gifts from the hand of the Three Wise Men from the East.

On the eve of 3 Kings Day, in the afternoon of January 5, there is probably no child at home, since everyone is in the streets to see the crowded and colourful Three Kings Parade.

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Wave of Melillero – A strange local phenomenon of Malaga


During the summer days you can observe in Malaga a phenomenon that is always repeated at the same time.

A small “tsunami” suddenly invades the beaches of Malaga and catches by surprise those bathers unaware of this phenomenon who are lying at first beach line just a few meters from the sea.

What is this strange phenomenon that has drenched more than one and has occasionally taken mobile devices and other prized possessions?

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Christmas shopping in a sea of Christmas lights in Malaga

Christmas lights in Malaga 2015
About two and a half hours flying time from most European cities, Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, casts a very special charm in the Advent season and features its christmas lighting.

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Pedestrianization of the main Avenue in Torremolinos


If you come to Malaga by the beginning of December and are used to driving around Torremolinos city centre you might want to check out this map as the traffic will be completely relocated in this new project where Plaza Costa del Sol will be converted into a pedestrian zone.

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Sun Shines on Malaga Again!

airport outsideAfter a very rainy week start, the Costa del Sol shows its best face again to welcome all those tourists who choose to visit Malaga in September. In fact, on last Monday fell more than 50 litres of water per square metre in a few hours, causing several road closures due to flooding.

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Rip Currents – The Unknown Danger for Bathers

Corriente de resaca

We’re in the middle of summer, the water temperature is perfect and invites to a swim.

Although we would prefer to bask in this summery beach image, it is a sad reality that every year there are many deaths and rescues on the Spanish coasts; many of them by leaping  into an element of which bathers are unaware of the potential dangers, such as currents that can become traps even for experienced swimmers.

Take a few minutes and read our entry on rip currents, it might be useful someday.

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