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Malaga summer 2020 – Protocols and essential beach apps this year

We probably all know that this summer in Malaga will be very different from other years. As the restrictions are progressively relaxed, we can already outline the panorama we will find this summer 2020 on the Costa del Sol beaches. … Continue reading

Holidays in Malaga after Covid: What will change

This summer in Malaga will be special in many ways and probably we will all remember it. There are many questions and many doubts: When the beaches open, how will the regulations be for enjoying the beaches and Beach bars, … Continue reading

Málaga deconfinement – Permitted car journeys

We will keep you up to date on what can and cannot be done by car at every stage of deconfinement in Malaga.  

Phases of deconfinement of Covid-19 in Malaga

When can we go to the beach? Go shopping? Go to a restaurant? When do the beach bars open? When can we go dancing and have a drink on a terrace? The phases of deconfinement of Covid-19 in Malaga, at … Continue reading Situation Update Regarding COVID-19

The following measures will be active until further notice. Updates will be added to this post, so you can find all the latest information about the car hire situation in the same page.

Survey: Holiday after Corona – How do you plan?

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Driving and Covid-19 – Guide to solve all doubts

We have prepared a small guide with frequent asked questions to solve the doubts related to driving and Covid-19 during the alarm state.

360º virtual tour Caminito del Rey

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Caminito del Rey, but haven’t gone yet or you have vertigo or you had planned the visit, but you had to cancel it because of the current situation, you’ll be happy to know … Continue reading

How to take care of your car during Covid-19

During this situation of confinement, which in Spain for the moment will extend until April 12, we are probably quite a few who hardly use the car, or not at all. The VW Auto services has prepared a little guide … Continue reading

Are you one of the tourists who choose the Costa del Sol as holiday destination?

Do you want to know if you fit the profile of the tourist who usually chooses the Costa del Sol as a holiday destination? How does the average traveller who visits our province travel, where does he stay or how does he make his reservations? Find out in our Blog!

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