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Electric Scooters Hire in Malaga

  • Posted on May 31, 2022
  • Reading time: 5 minutes

Did you know that at you can add a very interesting extra to your car hire: Electric scooter hire in Malaga!

It is already a very typical image in all big cities: the alternative transport by electric scooter.

electric scooter hire Malaga
Through the streets of Malaga on your electric scooter. Photo MalagaHoy

Precisely in Malaga, with its mild climate all year round, it is an ideal way to move around.

Discover new places or move quickly from your accommodation to the beach, for example, or just stop by for that ice cream you’ve been craving for.

The possibilities are almost endless!

Typical Summer fines driving in Spain – Myths and Facts

  • Posted on May 30, 2022
  • Reading time: 7 minutes

Malaga and the typical summer fines: Which are true and which are myths? We go through them one by one.

Every summer, when the heat swelters in Malaga, we ask ourselves the same questions again and again: Can I drive in flip-flops? Shirtless? In a Bikini? Can I drink water while driving? Or enjoy a refreshing ice cream at the wheel?

Find out what you shouldn’t do, if you prefer to spend your money in a Beach bar instead on a fine.


Speed cameras in Malaga Summer 2022

  • Posted on May 24, 2022
  • Reading time: 6 minutes

For this summer 2022 the Spanish General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has updated its list of speed cameras in the province of Malaga, with a total of 57 devices.

We are expecting a very active summer in terms of travel in our beautiful province.

And if we prefer to spend our money on cold beers and fried fish instead of fines, it is worth bearing in mind where these fixed radars, stretch radars (those that force you to respect the maximum speed limit for several kilometres) and hidden mobile radars are located.


Cities with flights to Malaga this summer 2022

Flights to Malaga this summer 2022

From which cities there are flights to Malaga this summer 2022?

This summer Malaga airport offers flights to Malaga from 110 destinations with almost 50 airlines. Find out from where you can fly to Malaga.

Are you planning to come to the Costa del Sol in summer? Then take a look at our complete list of flights to Malaga. There is a huge offer of both national and international flights. And also destinations as far away as Canada, Turkey or Doha, among others. The last two being major hubs connecting to the Middle East and Asia.

Of course there are plenty of flights from central Europe such as Germany and Great Britain to the Costa del Sol. Also as well from Paris, which is another great hub for connecting flights to the USA.

Need a rental car at Malaga airport? No problem! We are, your car rental company (campervan rental and motorhome rental included) 200 metres from the airport.


Covid test centre at Malaga airport

Since 1 January 2022, the new Covid Test Centre at Malaga airport has been open under the name Fly COVID Test Center.

It offers travellers a centralised service at the airport, which will greatly facilitate the headaches related to mandatory tests for travellers returning home, as it is open every day, weekends and holidays included.

Discover the Selwo Parks on the Costa del Sol

Today we present you the three Selwo parks on the Costa del Sol, two of them are located in Benalmadena and the third one is located in Estepona, come and join us!

As many of you already know, during this season we want to show you many outdoor proposals and a little away from the crowds of the coast, so that you can have alternative plans besides sun and beach during your holidays on the Costa del Sol.