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Budget holiday homes in Malaga this summer

We won’t deceive you: If you clicked on this article because of the photo, this beautiful villa on a golf course in Marbella is not one of the budget holiday homes in Malaga this summer.

In fact, in the high season months on the Costa del Sol, prices for holiday homes can reach 3,000 euros per week.

We echo a press release from the company Holidu which has compiled a list of budget holiday homes in Malaga.


Al Ándalus Train – Dream trip in a 5* Hotel on Rails

Have you always loved the idea of travelling on the legendary Orient Express train?

On board the Al Ándalus train, a 5* hotel on rails you can make a dream trip and discover the most beautiful World Heritage cities of Andalusia, in an all-inclusive experience.

Your very special and exclusive Orient Express from Malaga.

Malaga cruises and boat trips

Autumn is the traditional start of the cruise season in Malaga. The Port of Malaga is one of the most important cruise ports in Spain, with over half a million passengers every year. Interestingly, more than 30% are luxury and premium passengers.

Malaga is both a port of departure and an important port of call for Mediterranean and even transatlantic cruises.


Discover the best viewpoints along the Costa del Sol

  • Posted on September 1, 2023
  • Reading time: 9 minutes

It is clear that what most attracts the vast majority of tourists who come to visit the Costa del Sol, are mainly its beaches during the summer months. Which is all very well, but anyone who has ventured to come to Malaga outside the high season months will inevitably return!

It is then, when we can really discover the charms and magic of a coast bathed in light and sunshine, its culture and savoir-faire, at a more leisurely pace and without crowds.

Today we present the viewpoints along the more than 160 km of our Costa del Sol. Charming places from which to enjoy unique views, open spaces and new horizons, join us!