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This summer, come and enjoy the Costa del Sol

Oh how we love being on vacation! The Easter holiday has just finished and many of us are already taking a look at holiday destinations for this summer. Given that we have not yet fully emerged from the crisis, we recommend to visit nearby destinations in Spain to where there is a great offer of low cost flights from the UK. As we are now thinking of summer, what’s better than a coastal area, right? For example… The Costa del Sol in southern Spain!

Weekend getaway to the Costa del Sol in Malaga

Driving on the Costa del SolWe all know that one of the great things about Spain is the weather. It’s not at all surprising that we’re already in October and it still feels like Summer here in Malaga!

It’s the perfect time to plan a sunny weekend! Take advantage of the low season prices and why not hire a nice convertible at so you can drive off as soon as you get off that plane at Malaga Airport and start enjoying Andalusian’s sites and views with the wind running through your hair.

Holiday on the Costa del Sol: Do I need to hire a car in Malaga?

Depending on the location of our hotel or apartment, public service may be close or not. For example if we choose a hotel in Marbella or a relaxing stay in any of the many interior white villages, getting to the city centre may be quite difficult and could take a few hours. If we choose car hire Malaga, the distances whilst moving through the province are a lot shorter and much more comfort than using two buses; and not to mention, cheaper than using a daily taxi.

Make the most out of your holiday with a cheap car hire in Malaga

If you can plan your holiday on the Costa del Sol more flexible, we recommend the coming months of May and June. The weather in Malaga is already summery, but with a definite advantage: Book your flight, hotel and car rental in Malaga for pre-season prices. Enjoy empty beaches and savor the peaceful atmosphere in the coastal municipalities of Malaga before the high season

37% of tourists rent a car due to the poor public transport in the Costa del Sol

Malaga public transport Currently public transport in the Costa del Sol is still deficient in many sections and municipalities, and therefore many travelers and tourists choose to a rent a car at Malaga airport if they need to move at their holiday destination with greater freedom and without relying on buses

Malaga and the Costa del Sol, always worth a visit

Malaga Sights The Costa del Sol in southern Spain is the centre of vitality and melting pot of many cultures. The sun coast with miles of beaches bears her name in all honors, with more than 320 cloudless days a year. Málaga, capital of the Costa del Sol is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Today Malaga is a lively port, commercial and university city, which is worth a visit any time of the year. With the expansion of Malaga airport, the region now has one of the most modern airports in Europe with a huge range of destinations