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Flying to Malaga in times of Covid

Last week I flew to Malaga from Munich on my way back after 2 weeks in Germany. I share with you everything you need to know to fly to Malaga in times of Covid in a relaxed and fearless way.

Malaga Airport Arrivals in High Season

For this summer 2016 is expected an increase of 15% of flights at Malaga airport compared to last year’s peak season. That is, there are expected a couple of fairly busy months in these facilities on the Costa del Sol which are the main gateway for all tourists visiting Andalusia.

If you plan to take a flight to Malaga during the high season, you have good weather guaranteed with long sunny days and clear skies to enjoy a perfect day on the beach.

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Malaga Airport and Costa del Sol in September

For many the summer is already over having to return to their countries where temperatures already tend to be lower. But this is not the case of Malaga, here we STILL HAVE A LONG SUMMER AHEAD.

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Arrivals at Malaga Airport in August

malagacar minibus

First time renting a car at Malaga airport?

Leaving the Terminal 3 you are passing through the arrivals hall where one of our employees will be waiting to indicate the way to the minibus.

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History of Malaga Airport (II): Present and Future

Malaga Airport T3 Departures
In the previous post we saw how in just 50 years, a plain known as “El Rompedizo” became an airfield, an airbase and finally an international airport.

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History of Malaga airport (I): The Beginning

Malaga Airport (1943)
Did you know that Malaga Airport is the oldest airport in Spain? If you have been to Malaga in the past few years, you’ve seen that it is gaining a considerable size; although yet it’s not comparable to the airports of the European capitals it’s nevertheless a stunning transformation.

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Southern Access to Malaga Airport

This week we posted a brief entry on Facebook to inform our customers of the full opening of the Southern Access to Malaga airport. The responses were immediate and we take the opportunity to clarify the advantages of these new infrastructures, focused on the needs of our customers, when returning your vehicle.

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Videos of the new southern access to Malaga airport

In our latest videos you´ll accompany our driver on the motorway of Malaga and discover how is the new southern access to Malaga airport which leads directly to Terminal 3.

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Opening of the southern access road to Malaga airport (Video)

For this summer is scheduled the partial opening of the southern access road to Malaga airport from the motorway A-7. Here is a video that shows how to get into this new access road by car.

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How to travel by air with a wheelchair

Airports and airlines offer a special service for passengers with reduced mobility. Since many people today are travelling, it is useful to remember what to do in these cases.

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