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The best Beach Clubs on the Costa del Sol

Summer is in full swing in Malaga! And while many enjoy a towel on the sand anywhere, many others indulge in the more sophisticated summer pleasures in some of the exquisite beach clubs we have here in Malaga. Join us … Continue reading

The Best 50 Costa del Sol Beach Bars

Along the 160 km that make up the Costa del Sol of Malaga from Manilva to Nerja, there are about 300 beach bars – Chiringuitos – where you can enjoy the excellent local cuisine by the Mediterranean Sea. Get ready, … Continue reading

Virtual Malaga – Visit Malaga virtually

Although most Spaniards and visitors are now confined to their homes, thanks to technology we have at our fingertips the possibility of enjoying a huge cultural and heritage legacy. Come with us to visit Malaga virtually!

Films shot in Malaga – Cinematic Andalusia

Since the 1960s, Andalusia has been a coveted location for film production. In those years the “Spaghetti Western” was booming and was basically shot in the Tabernas Desert in the province of Almeria, where Clint Eastwood started his career and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Puerto Banus!

The two names Marbella and Puerto Banus are almost inseparably connected, two great tourist enclaves of international fame and prestige. Puerto Banus, the luxury leisure port of reference in Europe located a few kilometres from the centre of Marbella, celebrates this year its 50th anniversary.

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Music Festivals Costa del Sol 2020

This summer the Costa del Sol will be hosting more music festivals and concerts than ever before.  Discover all the festivals and artists in our Blog!

Discover with us the 14 best Museums in Malaga

Throughout the last decade Malaga has had an unstoppable cultural growth to become the Spanish city that has more Museums in its old town. It is a pleasure to walk around the central streets and discover all the culture and heritage that the city has to offer in its best Museums in Malaga. Discover them with us in our Blog!

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8 essential things to do in Marbella

Marbella is undoubtedly one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, a beautiful city located in a spectacular setting and blessed with its own microclimate. Discover here 8 excellent ideas and activities in Marbella, without leaving the city.

Things to do in Malaga in March 2020

things to do in Malaga March 2020

There will be things to do for all tastes in Malaga in March 2020, whether you are a film lover, if you like natural and sustainable living, motor sports or if you just want to have a good time celebrating – discover it all in our Blog!

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10 things to do on Valentine’s Day in Malaga

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you like to celebrate this date with your partner, and whether you are a far-sighted person who has already made plans, or one who leaves everything to the last minute, here are some attractive ideas for spending Valentine’s Day in Malaga.

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