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Don’t miss Semana Santa in Malaga

The Semana Santa in Malaga – or Holy Week – is definitely the highlight of the year. This week is the week leading up to Easter and is treated with the utmost respect. It’s also a week of cities and towns filling up with crowds to watch the processions.

In 2014 it starts on

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The New Look of Malaga City

If your last visit to Malaga city dates from 5 years ago, you are in for a surprise. If it dates from 10 years ago or longer, it will even be a big surprise. A psalm of hammering, drilling and painting has been heard for years, and Malaga arose like a whole new city.

Do you remember the time, when you arrived at a small airport? Driving into Malaga was a chaotic affair? The whole of the Costa del Sol was touristy, except for Malaga city?

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Visiting Malaga in Winter: Museums and Galleries

With another long, dark winter just around the corner, many people find a short break in warmer climes can go a long way towards banishing those winter blues. So what can you do in Malaga during the winter months? In this post we’ll be taking a quick cultural tour of some of the many museums and galleries around the city.

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Reasons to visit Malaga in September

Burriana Beach, Nerja
The peak summer months of July and August are usually the busiest, hottest and most expensive times to travel abroad. But if you’re not restricted to travelling during the UK school holidays, here are just a few reasons why September can be one of the best times to visit Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

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Easter in Malaga: Orange blossom mingles with the scent of incense

You´re still on time to snatch a flight to the Costa del Sol capital Malaga, to enjoy Easter in a mild climate where spring has already arrived.

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Alternative shopping and street markets in Malaga city

Do you like strolling through street markets? While you are visiting Malaga, you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor markets:

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The Costa del Sol in September: Great weather within reach of every budget

The advantages of holidays in Malaga in September are endless. In fact, September means lower average prices on flights, accommodation, car rental and maintenance so that for holidays in September the price can come down to 50%.

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40.5% of the tourists that visited Malaga in 2011 made a reservation online

The airplane is still the main way of transport to get to the city followed by the owned vehicle

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The Automobile Museum in Malaga will host the international launch of the Mercedes Benz SL

The Automotive Museum in Malaga will host next March the international presentation of the Mercedes SL 500 and SL 325 of the German company.

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Time travel in the Automobile Museum in Malaga

Lover of cars, engines, technology or motorsports in general should pay a visit to the Automobile Museum in Malaga. The former, recently renovated tobacco factory in the capital of the Costa del Sol built in 1927, houses an exclusive collection of cars from all over the world.

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