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The New Look of Malaga City

If your last visit to Malaga city dates from 5 years ago, you are in for a surprise. If it dates from 10 years ago or longer, it will even be a big surprise. A psalm of hammering, drilling and painting has been heard for years, and Malaga arose like a whole new city.

Do you remember the time, when you arrived at a small airport? Driving into Malaga was a chaotic affair? The whole of the Costa del Sol was touristy, except for Malaga city?

Visiting Malaga in Winter: Museums and Galleries

With another long, dark winter just around the corner, many people find a short break in warmer climes can go a long way towards banishing those winter blues. So what can you do in Malaga during the winter months? In this post we’ll be taking a quick cultural tour of some of the many museums and galleries around the city.