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6 Useful Tricks to Avoid Theft at the Beach

Nowadays rarely people are seen enjoying the beach without taking the mobile phone, many times along with other electronic devices, to enjoy their leisure by the sea. In addition almost everybody brings the car keys and some money.
In order that this refreshing dip into the water does not end up with a very great trouble when returning to the towel and realizing that our belongings have been stolen, here some easy beach tricks.

A little note about theft in cars

signal detectorThe season is about to begin and with it unfortunately also tend to increase the thefts in tourist destinations. Due to recent news on that subject, we have prepared some basic advice to reduce as much as possible trouble during your holiday in Malaga.

It seems that it is not a new technique but these days there is a further increase of theft by frequency inhibitors, which inhibit the car locking the doors properly when parking. This trick is especially popular in large areas such as shopping centres.

Tips for a Safe Holiday

pinpockets love touristsSpain is one of the safest countries in Europe to travel.

However, and especially in the tourist areas, the offence which ranks first in the ranking is theft; you can protect yourself with some simple behavioral rules.

While on the one hand, nothing is absolutely secure in life as much as we would like, however we can pay some attention to common sense and follow some simple preventive guidelines for your enjoyable holiday, from beginning to end.

Staying safe and secure with MalagaCar.com

Stealing a Car
Car crime is a problem for most major urban centres across the world, and sadly Malaga is no exception. You may be surprised to learn that while focusing on getting their holidays off to a good and quick start, many people forget to take the same security measures that they would at home. Crime figures for Spain as a whole are relatively low compared to many other European countries, and our roads are also very safe; but car crime does happen, and with so many visitors to Malaga, especially in the height of summer, tourists can be an easy target.