How to take care of your car during Covid-19

During this situation of confinement, which in Spain for the moment will extend until April 12, we are probably quite a few who hardly use the car, or not at all. We have prepared a little guide with everything you need to know about the maintenance of your car during this time.

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Unused car  – maintenance tips

With the car parked without use for a long time there may arise some problems, so it’s a good idea to perform a small periodic maintenance of the following aspects:

+ If you have a bike without using it, you might know: when you finally want to use it, it’s deflated. The same goes for the air pressure in cars. If you still have the possibility to approach the gas station, we recommend increasing the pressure to 2.8 bar to prevent possible damage to the tyres or wheels due to the weight of the car.

+ Since you’re at the gas station, you can take the opportunity to fill up. No, not to escape the Zombie invasion but for the simple reason that a full tank prevents the interior of the tank from deteriorating.

+ And you can also take advantage of the occasion to check the liquids, to avoid running out of them due to possible leaks or evaporation.

+ You can furthermore take advantage of your visit to the gas station for a wash inside and out. No, it is not because we are posh, but especially if you have parked your car regularly on the street. This way you avoid dust affecting the joints, or bird droppings or resins damaging the paintwork. You can also give it a going-over inside, not only to avoid bad smells, but also to clean the mats well, as it can be a great virus culture.

+ The battery is another delicate subject. If you are expecting not to use the car for a longer period of time, it might not be a bad idea to disconnect it; if it is not in an optimal state of operation, it can end up completely depleted.

Alternatively, it is advisable to take the car for a short ride. Perhaps this is a good time to go shopping at the supermarket (remember that it has to be the closest supermarket to your home, if you don’t want to run the risk of being fined).

+ When you are using this opportunity “to take a walk” (without mischief, just to go to the gas station, the supermarket and the pharmacy), take advantage also to turn on all the electronic devices, as well as the air conditioning so that dirt does not accumulate in the nozzles.

Disinfecting the car´s interior

If for work reasons or out of necessity we have to use the car during this situation, we can follow some guidelines to keep its interior free of possible viruses swarming around.
It is recommended that you wear latex gloves for any outdoor activity (touching money, shopping carts, at the ATM, at the gas station) and remove them before entering the vehicle. Don’t you have gloves? They are available free of charge at petrol stations and also in the greengrocer’s section of supermarkets. Or maybe you can even get hold a bottle of hand sanitizer.

If you prefer to disinfect your car, you should use cleaning products that contain at least seventy percent alcohol solution and pay particular attention to surfaces that you touch a lot while driving: key, steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, door handles, infotainment and climate system buttons, touch screen, steering column stems such as indicators or windscreen wipers, seat adjustment levers, armrests, seat belts or windows.

Recommended products for disinfecting the passenger compartment

Isopropyl alcohol is used to disinfect the car’s interior without damaging the surfaces; it can be applied with a microfiber cloth. It can also be used for upholstery, but without excessive rubbing to prevent discoloration. Please refrain from using ammonia or hydrogen peroxide as it may damage the interior surfaces.

Can I have my car serviced?

Workshop of used cars sale

The Ministry of the Interior has published a decree (Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 COVID-19) authorising the opening of vehicle repair shops during the state of alert, only for repairs and not for the sale of parts.

While some car workshop chains have closed down, car brands do provide services in the workshop area, such as Renault or Toyota. The Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE) also continues to offer its vehicle assistance and repair services as normal as possible. remains open!

Dear friends & customers! We have some good news too! Since march 25 we are allowed to rent out cars again, although it should be noted that the strict restrictions on the use of cars continue to apply up to and including 11 April.

This means that the car can only be used for vital purposes such as going to work, the supermarket, the pharmacy, the gas station or the hospital.

Not only will we serve our foreign clients, we can also help you with a rental car, in case you have a breakdown and depend on a vehicle to get to work.

The opening hours of our office during these days are from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm and we will assist you online with any necessary rental renewals without you having to drive to our office.

Stay safe and we hope to welcome you back very soon!

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