Travelling to Malaga in May-June 2023

Are you planning to travel to the Costa del Sol this year? We tell you why travelling to Malaga in May-June is an excellent idea!

As we have already mentioned in a recent article, this year is expected to be a record summer on the Costa del Sol in terms of visitor numbers.

The Costa del Sol this year is fully recovering as a tourist destination, with more flights offered than before the Pandemic in 2019 and with more flights to Malaga in its entire history:

In May alone, the number of seats offered is 61,000 more than in August of the previous year.

For many reasons, a large number of tourists choose to visit the Costa del Sol for a well-deserved holiday during the high season months of July and August.

Perhaps they are more limited in their choice of holidays because of work or school holidays. Many others also come because they love the hustle and bustle of the beach clubs and the bustling nightlife during these months.

Full capacity at the Ocean Club in Puerto Banús
Full capacity at the Ocean Club in Puerto Banús

But the high season also has many disadvantages. High prices, crowds everywhere, crowded beaches, traffic jams, just to name a few. And not least: sweltering heat.

Huelin Beach in Malaga, during a weekend in July

So, if you are not limited when it comes to choosing your holiday dates, we are going to tell you about the many good reasons fro travelling e to Malaga in May-June and the great things you can do in these months (which is basically EVERYTHING!).

Many good reasons for travelling to Malaga in May-June

The high season also brings a number of disadvantages, we are going to tell things as they are. And these are precisely the big advantages of travelling to Malaga in May-June.

Pre-season prices

A considerable factor to take into account is our economy when it comes to enjoying our holidays. Prices soar in high season.

Coming to the Costa del Sol in pre-season can save us a significant amount of money. Which we can spend in other ways, if we please, on enjoying good restaurants, shopping or another treat (for example, have you ever tried tandem paragliding?).

Excellent climate, clear water and empty beaches

We never tire of saying it: Malaga has an excellent climate all year round. If you take your holidays out of July/August, it is the best thing you can do.

The same beach, with …

Already in May the temperatures are excellent with values between 22ºC and 26ºC. In other words, an ideal temperature to enjoy the summer feeling without suffocating from the heat.

The sea temperature starts to rise considerably during these 2 months. While at the beginning of May it is still cool with values of about 16ºC/17ºC, as the weeks go by, we comfortably reach 18ºC – 20ºC.

Travelling to Malaga in May-June
… and without people

And above all, the water is clean. It is a pure pleasure to swim in these crystal-clear waters.

And after a refreshing swim for body and soul, drop into one of the best beach bars on the Costa del Sol or one of the best beach clubs on the Costa del Sol and enjoy this cocktail, beer or seafood.

Better service

Because yes, and that is also very true: In pre-season you will have the best service.

El Tintero, a classic in Malaga

Although the Costa del Sol specialises in tourism and customer service, it is also true that our season is very long. And the heat and the summer crowds also take their toll on the staff and the quality of service.

Less stressed people

So if you prefer smiling, relaxed people and fast, first class service, come to Malaga in pre-season.

Malagueños by nature are very friendly and open-minded. But during the high season we experience every year a real invasion of foreigners in search of relaxation and wellbeing.

Many of them come from big cities and experience a lot of stress throughout the year. This is especially noticeable on the roads, where traffic is not only much heavier. There are also many drivers with reckless and aggressive attitudes.

The heat is also an important factor for losing your nerves more easily. It’s understandable, if you live under stress all year round, it won’t go away just because you land in Malaga. You need some time to slow down. And like you, a few million more.

No queues in restaurants and supermarkets

These are typical summer scenes: everything is full. Everywhere.

Want to eat at your favourite beach bar? This summer you can expect to have to book a week in advance.

Travelling to Malaga in May-June
Without having to book a week in advance at your favourite chiringuito. Chiringuito El Kalifato, Fuengirola

None of this happens in pre-season. A stroll along the promenade? And drop into any chiringuito or beach bar you like. Feel the gentle sea breeze, drink in hand, this is priceless. More polite people. No shouting, no noise.

No traffic jams and plenty of parking

You will enjoy your MalagaCar to the maximum during your holidays: Roads without traffic jams and more uncongested traffic.

Travelling to Malaga in May-June
Car from in Marbella, courtesy of our client

Those who know the N-340 between Fuengirola and Marbella, know what we are talking about. While we are at it, you might be interested in our comparison between the A-7 and AP-7 (Autovía del Mediterráneo) which connects all the major towns on the Costa del Sol.

Many good ideas to enjoy in Malaga in May-June

May and June in Malaga are the best months for any activity. The probability of rain is scarce, rather null.

The weather is summery, but pleasant: Ideal for Golf, active tourism and adventure sports, discovering the white villages, doing some fantastic routes by car for example to Ronda or Cordoba.

A getaway to Malaga? Perfect!

Travelling to Malaga in May-June
Spectacular flowering of the Jacaranda tree during May, Plaza de la Merced.

Discover charming corners, the Pier One (Muelle Uno), museums, gastronomy or the best roof top terraces.

An aperitif with a view tastes even better! Terrace of the Hotel AC Malaga Palacio

Discover unique places in the province such as the Dolmens, El Torcal, spectacular caves, centenary forests… we have an extensive list of excellent ideas in our Complete Guide to the Costa del Sol.

Costa del Sol Guide

In the mood for beach? No problem.

Just choose which one you like best: Beaches of the Eastern Costa del Sol, Beaches of the Western Costa del Sol, Nudist Beaches, The best hidden coves, Dog Friendly Beaches, Blue Flag Beaches.

What to do in Malaga in May-June: Events Calendar

And in case you didn’t know: We publish a monthly Events Calendar for Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Take a look and get inspired by everything you can do during your stay: Things to do in Malaga in May and Things to do in Malaga in June.

travelling to malaga may-june

From where can I fly to Malaga this summer?

From which cities are there flights to Malaga this summer 2023?

This summer Malaga airport offers flights to Malaga from 146 destinations, find out from where you can fly to Malaga.

If you plan to come to the Costa del Sol in summer, take a look at our complete list of flights to Malaga, with a huge offer of both national and international flights.

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