Things to do in Malaga in May 2021

May is one of the best months on the Costa del Sol, discover everything you can do in Malaga during this beautiful spring month, which invites you to enjoy many outdoor activities.

Spring Market at Pier One

The Spring Market is now open at Muelle Uno, every day until the 9th of May, from 10 am to 10 pm, in the Main Square, with a wide range of clothes, accessories, food, costume jewellery and thousands of ideas for gifts and treats.

How to get there:

El Paseo Market

Every second Sunday of the month the Paseo Market takes place on the Paseo Marítimo Ciudad de Melilla, next to the well-known La Malagueta beach. A good Sunday plan to stroll around, have a drink in the beach bars and enjoy a market with a great selection of original and charming artisan products.

Next market
Sunday 9th May
Timetable from 11 am to 7 pm
How to get there:

Soho Urban Market

This market takes place in the central pedestrian street C/ Tomás Heredia, in the so-called arts quarter Soho, with more than fifty artists, craftsmen, creators, designers and local producers.
Next market:
Sunday 23 May
Timetable: from 11 am to 7 pm
How to get there:

Natura Málaga – Healthy Life Fair

From 14 to 16 May takes place a new edition of Natura Málaga, Healthy Life Fair, which has established itself as one of the reference meetings linked to the promotion of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The exhibition gathers a wide offer of ecological products and respectful with the environment, such as food, crafts, natural cosmetics or hygiene, as well as different workshops and conferences for the improvement of physical and emotional development.


When: From May 14 to 16. Friday from 10 am to 8.30 pm. Saturday from 11 am to 8.30 pm. Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.
Where: Congress Centre Málaga, Avenida José Ortega y Gasset, 201
How to get there:

The longest zip line in Andalusia in Alhaurín de la Torre

The longest zip line in Andalusia opens on the 15th of May in Alhaurín de la Torre. Sunview Park Adventure is a new recreational space dedicated to adventure sports which offers the longest zip line in Andalusia and opens its doors on the 15th of May.

The zip line is 1,300 metres long and offers three types of launching: in Superman position (in which the maximum speed is reached, up to 100 km per hour, as the friction with the air is reduced), seated or in tandem (two people seated). The youngest members of the family will be able to take the plunge if they reach the minimum weight and age (to be determined).

Those brave enough to go on the zip line must leave their car at the starting point. After the launch, Sunview Park Adventure has an all-terrain vehicle that will take users back to the starting point as a shuttle.

The price is 26 euros for individual launches and 45 euros for tandem launches. Groups of six or more people will enjoy a 5% discount.

The activity can be completed with horse riding routes, for groups of at least four people and must be booked in advance. The price per person is 30 euros. The opening hours will initially be from 10 am to 10.30 pm from Thursday to Sunday and evenings and public holidays.
Tickets at:

Tickets on sale for Marenostrum Fuengirola shows this summer

Tickets are now on sale for the shows that are scheduled for this summer in the magnificent open-air concert venue, next to the sea and the Sohail castle.

You can now buy tickets to see the following shows: Ara Malikian (4 June); María José Llergo (5 June); Niña Pastori (11 June), Martita de Graná (12 June); Sohail Jazz Experience (from 17 to 20 June); Izal (26 June); La M.O.D.A. (30th July); Sidecars (31st July); El Kanka (2nd August); Cantajuego (3rd August); Los Morancos (3rd August), God Save the Queen (4. August), Luna Sur (5.- 8. August), Monica Naranjo (13. August), Ultra Beach (21. August), Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba (26th August), Metal Paradise (28./29. August), Miguel Poveda (4th September) and many more.

The shows have all the hygienic-sanitary guarantees. In addition, all tickets for the concert series will be covered by a cancellation insurance policy. So that, if the spectator cannot attend for health reasons or the show is cancelled, the organisers will refund the full amount of the ticket.
Tickets can be purchased through the official website

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  1. Charles Marino says:

    Planning to come to Malaga in the spring 2021, do your rentals allow us to drive in Portugal? We would plan to return the car to Malaga.

    • Hi Charles, you can drive to Portugal, but there is an extra fee, amounting 8 €/day, with a minimum of 24 € and a maximum of 90 €.


  2. Thierry Paquit says:


    For my last booking, I could not get the announced 5% discount online and I wrote to let you know the problem. You answered that if I did not get a discount online, the discount will be applied manually. When I arrived last April the 18th the person of Malagacar told me he could not give the 5% discount. I did not want to discuss because it was already late.
    Now, I need to book a car from June 21st to July 13th. I went again on your website with login and password and again I have the same rate as every normal customer. I asked somebody to simulate the same booking online and he got the same rate as I had.
    Could you advise how I can get this discount. I have a login, password why does it not work ?
    This time, if I do not get my discount I’ll rent my car at another company.

    • Hello Thierry!
      Applying the discount manually means that it is applied by one of our colleagues at Bookings meanwhile processing your Booking confirmation. The car rental staff handing out the car cannot do this.
      Furthermore, if you are checking the prices for the FULL pack, we have running currently a special promotion. For your required dates, the is currently a 19% discount, which is far more than you would obtain with your customer menu. The system automatically applies the more beneficial discount to you.

      In that case, the discount won’t apply on the cars that are in promo already.

      Kind regards,

  3. Bal Leo says:

    Pleas can you send me my discount code.

    Kind regards.

  4. Jen says:

    Thank you for the information of activities calendar which is very useful.

  5. Gordon Petrie says:

    Goog morning,
    We currently have a car on hire from your company. We have been hiring from your company for at least 10 years, sometimes twice a year – are we not entitled to a return customer discount/promo code as others here appear to,receive ?
    Kind regards,
    Gordon Petrie

  6. Daniela Ricciarelli says:

    Hello. I have been renting from you so many times (4 times every year) in years and years, but I was never given any special discount as a returning customer.

  7. Sheila Silvester says:

    I have been booking with for 10 years and have never received a promo code or discount. Please can you send me one of the suggested two please.

  8. tony addison says:

    informative thanks tony

  9. Kevin Gavin says:

    I’ve been using Malagarcar for a number of years, can I get a return customer discount?

  10. Joseph Fisher says:

    I am a returning customer, have been for many years. I did have a special number but that does not seem to still be in operation.

  11. Marc VLOEBERGHEN says:

    Hello. Can you tell me how to get a promo code for car rental with Malagacar ? Thank you. Kind regards, Marc.

    • Hello Marc! You get a promo code by liking us in FB. You also get a special increasing discount as return customer on every completed booking.
      Kind regards!

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