Active tourism and adventure sports in Malaga

Yes, we all love the sun and the beach during the summer months. Without doubt, the province of Malaga offers all year round such a wide range of possibilities for active tourism and adventure sports that you will be surprised by everything you can do.

In fact, we were also surprised by some spectacular offers that we had no idea existed, discover them with us!

 Active tourism and adventure sports in Malaga

The main tourist attraction of the Costa del Sol is sun and beach. But it is also true that just a few kilometres from the coast the province offers a beautiful mountainous interior of more than 2000 m altitude, the Sierra de la Nieves National Park, forests of chestnut trees and ancient fir trees, rivers and waterfalls and picturesque white villages of Arab heritage perched on the slopes and a multitude of reservoirs in Malaga province.

If you like to discover new routes with your MalagaCar and experience active tourism and adventure sports in Malaga, you won’t regret leaving mass tourism behind.

We have created two sections of active tourism, one more quiet and one with more adrenaline. But you can find some activities in both, for example cycling and hiking, as it depends a lot on where we move, discover them!

Active tourism in Malaga

Cycling along the promenade

turismo activo málaga
Enjoying a bike ride on the Costa del Sol is pure pleasure

Along the Costa del Sol there are many companies that offer bike hire by the hour or day. It is a great form of gentle exercise enjoying the sea air and some of the most beautiful promenades, an activity that can be enjoyed all year round.

These companies also offer guided routes of low difficulty around the towns.

Riding Lessons / Horse Riding Routes

Do you want to learn how to ride a horse or spend a great day in nature enjoying a route through the countryside or the beach on the back of a horse? No problem!

Kayaking in Maro

Although it can obviously be practised all over the area, we would like to make special mention of the Maro Cerro Gordo Cliffs. It is a natural spot of great scenic beauty, where we can visit a waterfall by kayak.

Costa del Sol Coastal Path

costa del sol coastal path
We did part of the coastal path crossing the new bridge over the Guadalhorce river

If you like walking by the sea, check out the Costa del Sol coastal path where you can walk from Manilva in the westernmost tip of the province to Nerja along 160 km.

While many enjoy a stroll along the stretch that corresponds to their locality, there are also others who walk the entire path, in the style of the Camino de Santiago of the Costa del Sol.

Senda Litoral Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol Coastal Path

Ornithological Hiking

Enjoy ornithological hiking in the Natural Park Desembocadura del Guadalhorce in Malaga and come to know more than 250 species of birds where you can observe them in the five observatories available the Park. Tour with specialised guides.


Practice your archery skills, a fun activity for all ages.

Balloon flights

Baloon flight in Antequera
Baloon flight in Antequera Photo Yumping

Experience one of the most exciting and unforgettable adventures in active tourism: hot air ballooning.

These experiences in the province of Malaga are offered in Ronda and Antequera, departures are in the mornings.

Reservoirs in Malaga

Embalse La Viñuela
La Viñuela Reservoir Photo Juan Garrido

Discover the best reservoirs in the province of Malaga, ideal for enjoying the outdoors all year round.

Adventure sports in Malaga

Downhill mountain biking

If you like cycling in a more natural environment and you’re an adrenaline junkie, mountain biking is your thing!


canyoning Málaga

An activity that releases a lot of adrenaline is canyoning, where you will find pools and waterfalls while swimming, jumping and abseiling through beautiful places such as: Sima del Diablo, Arroyo Majarés, Tajo de Ronda, Almanchares, Garganta de las Buitreras, Río Grande or Guadalmina.


The province of Malaga has peaks of more than 2,000 metres height where you can enjoy magnificent locations for climbing.

There are also climbing walls to get you started in the activity and at all times you will have the help of qualified instructors who will facilitate your experience.

Caves & Caving

Malaga has spectacular caves, most of which have been inhabited since prehistoric times.

You don’t necessarily have to be an experienced mountaineer or speleologist to delve into the depths of the earth.

caves in malaga

In our article The Most Spectacular Caves in Malaga we first present the tourist caves very close to the coast and with easy access that you should not miss if you are on the Costa del Sol.

The second section is for lovers of active tourism in Malaga, who wish to discover these wonders hidden in the bowels of the earth.

Malaga also has one of the deepest caves, the abyss Gesm, with a drop of more than 1,100 metres.

Photo: Flickr

Other relevant chasms are the Sima Honda of 132.7m deep, the Erotica of 103m, the Horcajuelos of 22m or the Raja Helada Complex of 57m, among others. So there are many possibilities for the practice of caving and even speleodiving in the Sierra de las Nieves National Park.

If you want to get started in this activity, discover some of the shallower caves with instructors.


A fun activity to release some adrenaline in a group and have fun while you solve an exciting mission.

Hiking and Trekking

Malaga has a spectacular nature to discover: Fir forests, rock formations or chestnut forests.

Ascend the main peaks in the province, most of which have approved routes, such as La Torrecilla with 1,800 metres in the Sierra de las Nieves National Park. Or La Maroma, with over 2,000 metres.

Or discover in summer the magnificent water trails: Rio Turón, Rio Genal, Rio verde de Istán, Sendero de las Buitreras, Arroyo del Quejigo (Sierra Bermeja), Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo.

Spanish fir forests

spanish fir forests malaga

The Spanish fir forest, an ancient and unique ecosystem in the world, is located in Malaga and Cadiz. These pure, dense, shady and humid mountain forests are like something out of a fairy tale, offering a landscape like those of northern Europe, but in the south and close to the sea.

Routes through the Spanish Fir forests in Malaga, the oldest forests in the province, you will surely not be able to resist its magic. Like something out of a tale from a Nordic saga or a Tolkien book, come with us!

Zip Lines

If you like zip lines, you’re going to love this section! Malaga has some spectacular zip lines as you will discover below.

  • If you want to get started in the activity and just want to feel “a little” adrenaline, we recommend you to start with the Fuengirola river zip line, the shortest of all, of “only” 140 meters.
The author at the Fuengirola Zip Line

For “more expert” levels are the following zip lines, watch the videos!

  • Zip line in Comares, 436 metres long and more than 100 m high, in the heart of the Axarquía, in Comares.

This is a ip line over 1,300 metres with tandem and Superman modalities, do you dare?

45 minutes of relaxation and enjoyment with views of extraordinary beauty.
A minimum group of 2 people is required for this activity.

We love it, we didn’t know it existed in Malaga, we’ll have to try it!

Zip Lines in the Trees – Aventura Amazonia Marbella

Aventura Amazonia Marbella has the longest tree zip line in Andalucia with 250 metres length.

The site has 6 multi-adventure circuits of varying degrees of difficulty from 4 years old to advanced sports level to climb and show your skills in the trees.

Aventura Amazonia Marbella, the largest adventure park in Andalusia located just 500 metres from the beach.

Itas a total of 103 tree climbing games and 24 zip lines distributed in 6 adventure circuits: MiniKids, Kids, Explorer, Jungle, Adventure and Sport. Or jump from a platform 12 metres above the ground.

Aventura Amazonia Marbella

No special skills or physical condition are required, anyone can participate by choosing the circuits they want their own adventure to take place on.

The minimum age to participate is 4 years old.

Aventura Amazonia Marbella

With the ticket you can enjoy the multi-adventure circuits for a maximum of 3 hours, going through the circuits as many times as you want.

The park has a cafeteria and picnic area, where you can eat and drink whatever you bring with you.

Vías Ferratas

Via Ferrata in El Chorro
Via Ferrata in El Chorro with monkey brigde

In the province there are a total of 14 via ferratas (one of them for children).

These are clamps installed on the mountain walls as stairs, where you can enjoy the heights without any risk as you are wearing a harness and anchored to a steel cable along the route.

Remember that for this activity you should have a minimum level of climbing initiation, as well as all the necessary equipment.

If you would like to get started in this enjoyable activity, you can make a reservation with an instructor.

Vertiginous paths: Caminito del Rey and El Saltillo

Caminito del Rey
Restored path of Caminito del Rey

Since its renovation and reopening in 2015, the once deadly dangerous Caminito del Rey has become the number one nature tourist attraction in the province of Malaga.

Today it is a totally safe and highly exploited tourist trail through some truly spectacular scenery.

The “little brother” of the Caminito del Rey – not because it is less spectacular but because it is less crowded – is El Saltillo.

This beautiful trail features a 50-metre-long suspension bridge 50 metres above the Almanchares riverbed.

el saltillo
Hanging bridge El Saltillo Photo: El Sur

Unlike the Caminito del Rey, to do El Saltillo it is essential to have a certain level of skill and be in good physical shape.

It is not suitable for people with vertigo, as there are several sections where you walk along the edge of the ravine. It is a medium intensity mountain sport, full of adrenaline and vertigo in a high-altitude experience.

El Saltillo Photo: Gps Málaga

Tandem Paragliding

Parapente Biplaza Málaga
Malaga from the sky – The author enjoying the eagle view in a tandem paragliding flight.

Do you think paragliding is only for the brave, the sporty, the adventurous? Not necessarily! We have done it and we can personally recommend this company.

If you caress this dream, you can make it come true in Málaga. Due to the wind and good weather, flights are available all year round.


White water rafting, are you ready? There are descents of low difficulty, ideal for beginners, rafting for the whole family, eco rafting to enjoy the ecosystem along the river or rafting with 100% adrenaline. With all the guarantees of safety and fun.

Active Tourism and Adventure Sports companies in Malaga

Photo: Born to Be Wild

All the proposals are available in these approved Active Tourism companies in the province of Malaga that we list below:

Kayaking at the cliffs of Maro
Kayaking at the cliffs of Maro
Zip Line in Cómpeta
Zip Line in Cómpeta


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