Tandem Paragliding Malaga – Enjoy Malaga from the sky

Do you think that paragliding in Malaga is only for the brave, the sporty, the adventurous? Well, no! Come with us and discover everything you need to know to live this wonderful experience.

There are many ways to enjoy Malaga. This past weekend we discovered a new one, flying a two-seater paraglider: Furrowing the deep blue skies, in the company of a majestic vulture, which was taking advantage of the thermal winds of the ravine, just like my experienced pilot.

Although the experience will always be intimately unique to each person, something like this awaits you if you choose to open yourself up to the unique experience of flying.

Active tourism in the province of Malaga

Still the main tourist attraction on the Costa del Sol is the product sun and beach. But it is also true that the province offers, just a few kilometres from the coast, a beautiful mountainous hinterland of even more than 2000 m height, a Biosphere Reserve, chestnut and Spanish fir forests, rivers and waterfalls. And picturesque white villages of Arabian heritage set on the slopes, excellent local gastronomy and charming people.

Discover the wide range of active tourism and adventure sports in Malaga.

It just takes a little bit of willingness to discover new paths and a Malagacar. You will surely not regret having left mass tourism a little bit behind.

The dream to fly

If you are caressing this dream, in Malaga you can make it come true. Due to the wind and the good weather, flights are offered all year round.

Air Born Adventures Malaga
Alejandro and Karina from Air Born Adventures Malaga preparing the equipment

We flew with Air Born Adventures Malaga, which offers tandem flights with a very experienced pilot and we loved the experience.

It was a great experience in the beautiful surroundings of Casarabonela. Alejandro and Karina are not only excellent professionals who make you feel safe and cared for at all times. They are also friendly and close people with whom it is a pleasure to have a beer afterwards. It has been a memorable afternoon and we can recommend them 100%.

Who can fly a tandem paraglider?

This is the good news, almost everyone can actually make the dream of flying come true, as we are taken care of by an expert pilot.

  • No previous knowledge or specific physical conditions are required.
  • The only limitation is a minimum weight of 35 kg and a maximum weight of 105 kg required for the optimal functioning of the tandem paraglider.
  • There is also no age limit.

You don’t believe it, you have doubts? Keep reading!

Flying at the age of 81 years

Flying at the age of 81 years Air Born Adventures Malaga

I think it would be strange to throw yourself into the air for the first time and not feel this “tingling” in your guts. We loved a story that the pilots told us and that we share with you.

In the video below you can see the experience of this lady who at the age of 81 (yes, it’s not a typo) was finally able to realise her dream of flying, a very exciting day for all those present.

After seeing this, frankly there is little excuse for anyone who wishes to realise this dream of flying.

Just a short distance from magnificent eagles and vultures, which take advantage of the same winds as us, to see the wonderful natural environment from above, with all the security of a professional company.

As they say, stop looking from below and start watching from above!

Take off point Despegue de Levante in Casarabonela

This time we took off from Despegue de Levante at almost 900 metres above sea level, crowning the beautiful white village of Casarabonela, which for itself is worth a visit.

From there you can enjoy magnificent views of the Malaga coast, the Guadalhorce valley and its villages and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Casarabonela sign
Take off point Despegue de Levante in Casarabonela

If you want to venture out to the Levante take off point to feel the force of the wind, watch the pilots take off and take some fantastic photos: Take the road from Casarabonela towards El Burgo (MA-445), arriving at Puerto Martinez (about 3 km).

Here you have to take a lane that is the beginning of the “Puerto Martinez – Jorox, until you reach a monolith that indicates the take off track. Coordinates: 36º 47′ 58.64” N / 4º 51′ 00.96” W.

Let it be very clear that these are forest tracks in the mountains. So you need to be well prepared, with appropriate mountain footwear, water, coat and sun protection.

Going for a walk in the White Village Casarabonela

White Village Casarabonela
Casarabonela Photo El color azul del cielo

Casarabonela is a beautiful white village with the typical Arabic layout of its narrow streets. It is situated almost 500 m above sea level, 45 km from Malaga and 56 km from Marbella. It is a magnificent natural viewpoint over the valley of Guadalhorce, the coast and the surrounding mountain ranges.

You can even discover the remains of its ancient Arab castle Qasr Bunayra. It has an interpretation centre, which has a model and several thematic panels about life in al-Andalus. Free entrance. Opening times Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 am to 7 pm.

And after so much effort, enjoy the tasty local cuisine! Our pilots took us to the Restaurant La Piscina, a rustic place with good atmosphere and spectacular views.

As you see, there are many good reasons to discover the interior of the province of Malaga. With a rental car it is as easy as just driving a few kilometres from the coast of Málaga.

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