The best nudist beaches in Malaga

Although nudism in Spain in general is not yet as popular as in many other Nordic countries, nevertheless, we already have 8 fantastic nudist beaches in the province of Malaga, which we are going to present to you below.

We have also included a beach that technically belongs to our neighbouring province Granada, but due to its proximity to Nerja, we would also like to mention it.

Enjoy with us this stroll along the best nudist beaches in Malaga!

Nudist Beaches on the Eastern Costa del Sol

There are a few nudist beaches on the Eastern Costa del Sol, let’s get to know them:

Cala del Pino and Las Alberquillas, Nerja

These two beaches situated next to each other are unspoilt beaches located on the easternmost tip of the province of Malaga.

The surroundings of Nerja are characterised by cliffs and small coves with a special charm. Some of these coves still conserve their unaltered natural beauty because they are more difficult to access, as is the case with these two beaches.

Cala del Pino nudist beach

Access is on foot via a fairly steep descent, something to bear in mind if you want to go with children or if you are heavily laden. We also recommend good footwear. Las Alberquillas is the longer beach, while Cala del Pino is a more intimate cove. In both we can enjoy crystal clear waters due to the rock formations that make them ideal for snorkelling. The two beaches are separated by detached rocks and you can easily pass from one to the other.

There is no lifeguard service or showers on these beaches.

Cantarriján, Granada

Just 5 kilometres from Cala del Pino is the beach of Cantarriján, located within the Maro Cerro Gordo Natural Park. The surroundings are spectacular due to the fact that the foothills of the Sierra Almijara and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges reach down to the sea.

There is abundant pine vegetation in a protected environment. Due to this, and the great popularity of this beach, during the peak months it is not possible to access the beach directly by car. You have to park on the road and from there a free shuttle leaves every half hour to the beach, which is 1.5 kilometres away. You can also walk down to the beach, bearing in mind that it is a steep path that you then have to climb back up.

Nudist beach in Granada

The beach itself is typically Granadian, i.e. there is no more sand but stones. Although this may seem to be a great disadvantage for comfort, this characteristic nevertheless provides us with wonderful clear waters and a rich marine fauna, ideal for snorkelling.

Cantarriján is divided into a textile beach and a nudist beach, which is more hidden at the end and, in fact, there is even an area without stones and the occasional tree.
The textile part of the beach is also home to a very popular and very charming Chiringuito (beach bar) where you can have a drink or a meal.

Almayate, Vélez-Málaga

Continuing our walk along the naturist beaches on the east coast of Malaga, we come to Almayate, where we can still get an idea of what the coast of Malaga was like before the massive construction.

Almayate naturist beach

This beach is already sandy, although dark, has no promenade and few services and therefore remains a quiet and isolated beach surrounded by nature. Nevertheless, it is very popular with naturists and there is even a naturist campsite in the area, Almanat.

Nudist Beaches on the Western Costa del Sol

Find nudist beaches on the Western Costa del Sol:

Guadalmar Beach, Malaga

Guadalmar beach belongs to the metropolitan area of Malaga. Its proximity to Malaga airport does not make it stand out for being a quiet beach, as planes fly over it at a short distance.

Guadalmar beach overview

On this beach we can already appreciate very well what was the natural environment of Malaga before the massive construction. It is a long and wide sandy beach situated next to the mouth of the Guadalhorce river and the golf course.

The beach is mixed, there is a part where nudism is practised and another part is textile. As the coastal path passes close by, it is not exactly a secluded and quiet beach for nudists, I personally cannot recommend it, but of course we include it!

Benalnatura, Benalmádena

Unique beach for many reasons that I list below and my favourite naturist beach in Malaga. It is a beautiful small cove more typical of Nerja than of Malaga, as it is surrounded and protected by cliffs and rock formations. The beach is a blend of stone pebbles and sand.

Benalnatura nudist beach

The beach is very well looked after by a nudist association, there are showers and a beach bar. This beach was one of the first nudist areas on the Spanish coast and I have the honour of being the friend of an octogenarian man who goes there every day of the year to bathe and who was the precursor of nudism in the area in the seventies, when the Civil Guard still came when he was taking his trousers down.

Due to this family atmosphere, the beautiful natural environment and many details that remind us a bit of an Ibizan beach bar, this nudist beach is very popular all year round. Access is by stairs.

Playa de Playamarina, Mijas

This naturist beach in Mijas is of fairly recent existence. It is situated next to the N-340 road and a bus stop, so it has no visual protection whatsoever. There is a beach bar on the beach (which can be seen from the bus stop) and due to its easy access, the beach is also frequented by other elements who do not exactly come to practice nudism.

Playamarina nudist beach

The beach itself is rocky and access to the water is almost impossible without shoes, as there are also many sea urchins. Ideal for snorkelling.

Playa de Cabopino, Marbella

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful naturist beaches in Malaga, it is located in the protected natural area of the Artola dunes, one of the few remaining dunes in the province of Malaga. Due to its spectacular beauty and proximity to Marbella, it is very popular in summer.

naturist beach in Marbella

This long beach of golden sand has a textile part and a naturist part which is not so clearly respected by textile bathers. Due to its length and the services available, it is not a quiet beach and you may have to put up with a few stares from people who do not share nudism.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to get to know this beautiful beach, the natural surroundings or the nearby Puerto de Cabopino for a drink afterwards.

Playa de Costa Natura, Estepona

The last official nudist beach in the province of Malaga is located in Estepona, next to the naturist resort Costa Natura, which was the first official naturist resort in Spain.

Costa Natura in Estepona

The nudist beach itself is a narrow strip of stone and dark sand about 400 metres long, with no toilets or showers. It is not one of the most beautiful beaches, but it is quiet and secluded, with a high number of foreign visitors.

The best nudist beaches in Malaga

Find below a map with the best nudist beaches in Malaga:

Spanish Naturist Federation

Find all the beaches mentioned above  on the official website of the Spanish Naturist Federation.

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