Campervan hire at Malaga airport – Everything you need to know

Campervan VW Grand California 600 in

New service available at! Now we provide Campervan hire at Malaga airport. Enjoy a new way of traveling along the Costa del Sol.

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the sale and rental of motorhomes in Malaga as an alternative to traditional accommodation for family holidays.
And not just families! Although the majority profile is Spanish families with children, imagine the possibilities offered by renting a Campervan in Malaga!

Travelling in campervan is certainly a philosophy!

Perhaps the word that best describes it is: Freedom! And surely, after so many months of confinement and restrictions, we can all use a good dose of freedom!

Imagine a good weekend at a music festival with your friends… this sunset on your favourite beach… away from it all, watching this same sunset from the top of a mountain… visiting some friends and not having to worry about where you are going to sleep… discovering new horizons… endless possibilities to savour a different, independent lifestyle, without dispensing with all the comforts and the latest technology.

VW Grand California 600 Cockpit

The Volkswagen Grand California 600 – Freedom on 4 wheels

Those who know us, already know: We love to innovate!

So, this crisis has also pushed us to new horizons and possibilities, and the Campervan Volkswagen Grand California 600 just seems like a great idea! Find out why we’ve fallen in love with it!

Campervan hire at Malaga airport

In case you didn’t know: The Volkswagen Grand California 600 is the world’s best-selling Campervan. It’s a complete 4-person house on wheels with:

Beds for two adults and two children: The upper double bed is 1.60 x 1.22 m on the passenger side and 1.90 x 1.22 m on the driver’s side. The bed in the rear is 1.93 x 1.40 m.


• Full bathroom (toilet, shower and sink) with built-in shelves and storage for toiletries and towels, motion-sensing lights and ventilation skylight
• External shower – perfect for washing off sand or mud
• Kitchen with two burners (gas) and sink
• Refrigerator with freezer
• Storage compartments
• Lunch table
• Panoramic glass roof
• Heating / Air conditioning
• Windows with mosquito netting
• Side awning (2.5 x 3. m)
• Table and 2 folding chairs
• Advanced technology: Front Assist to monitor your surroundings with city Emergency Brake Front and rear parking sensors to help you enter tight spaces. Crosswind assistance to keep you stable in high winds. Alerts the driver to encourage breaks on long trips. Also included as standard are hill start assist, Lane Assist, blind spot detector and, last but not least, a full range of connectivity and infotainment.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Advantages of renting a Volkswagen Grand California 600

Now you know, its real name is: Freedom! Choose the place and the views you want to wake up to the next morning. This is priceless. Plus, its storage space allows you to carry everything you want while maintaining the maximum freedom of movement characteristic of a motor home.


Where to park

The Coastal Law expressly prohibits parking on the coast and beaches and it must also be taken into account that in the National Parks it is forbidden for any vehicle to stay between 10 pm and 6 am.

It is also important to note that in Spain it is not allowed to camp, but to park.

If you choose a remote area in nature, make sure the area where you park is as straight as possible.

On the other hand, if there is an area where there are already several campers parked, it will be an area where there are usually no problems.

There are several very good apps on the market to locate these perfect places to park, such as Park4night and iOverlander, orWikiloc, if you like to combine your routes with hiking trails.

At this link you can find all the ports of Andalusia, where you can park your motorhome.

How to use the caravan toilet

Basically, the principle is the same as for the toilet at home, except that the waste, called black water, stays in a tank that has to be emptied every few days.

Can you flush toilet paper?
Yes, no problem, although you have to be a little careful not to plug up the drain.

Does the toilet smell bad?
To avoid odours it is best to empty it every 3 or 4 days, even if it is not full.

Grey and black waters

The black water comes from the toilet and has to be emptied every few days at a service area designated for this purpose. Grey water comes from the shower, sink and wash basin and is basically harmless. There are also designated drainage areas for this water.

Places to recharge drinking water and empty grey and black water

The grey water is stored in tanks and emptied via a valve. Fecal black water is stored in another removable watertight tank. Normally, there is a red pilot light that indicates when the tanks are at their maximum capacity.

In the campgrounds you will find a signposted place for this. Remove the cap and empty it into the marked area, then rinse it and add a disinfectant liquid, that’s it! Below you will find a series of tutorials to familiarise yourself with these tasks, if you have never done so before.

There are also many petrol stations that offer an area for emptying both grey and black water, if you do not stay overnight in a campsite.

In this link you can find service areas

In the drainage areas there is also a tap with drinking water to fill the water tank of the caravan using the corresponding hose.

Where to change the gas bottle

When the gas bottle runs out, you can change it for another one at a gas station.

Do you need to spend the night in a campsite to have electricity?

No, you don’t have to, but keep in mind that some things don’t work, such as plugs, if the caravan is not plugged into an external electrical outlet.


How to cook:

How do campervan showers work:

How do campervan electrics work:

How to empty waste water:

Playlist including all the tutorials

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