3 Easy tips for your Malagacar.com road side assistance

Whether you already know us and are a regular customer of Malagacar.com, or if this is the first time you plan to rent a car at Malaga airport with us, you will like that we always try to innovate to make your stay a truly pleasant experience, since your holiday starts the moment you arrive by plane in Malaga. Let’s find out how the road assistance work with our service.

Although we always have our cars checked and serviced, nevertheless, sometimes setbacks can occur that require roadside assistance.

It can be things as simple as a flat battery or a flat tire, which suddenly put us in a stressful situation, even more so if we are abroad or in an unfamiliar city.

We thought of you, to offer you the best and fastest solution for one of these cases!

Key ring from Malagacar.com with QR code

Now, when you pick up your MalagaCar, we give you your car key with a practical QR code.

Just open your cell phone camera, zoom in on the code and the camera will read it. In a few steps we will know your location and contact you immediately to send you the necessary assistance.

How to request roadside assistance with the QR code

1 – First check if your mobile has the application built-in: When you zoom in on the code, a text to go to Malagacar.com appears in your browser.

If you don’t see any notifications, you can download the QR Code Reader application from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

2 – Click to go to Malagacar.com in your browser. A page opens asking you to allow your location on your mobile.

Malagacar.com road side assistance

3 – Then simply fill in your name, phone number and registration number of your MalagaCar and press “send location”.

It’s that easy!

Our road assistance service is operational from 8:00 am to 00:00 am.

The customer service department will receive your message instantly and we will contact you to confirm the service and/or reception of the requested help.

In case of service overload, if you do not receive an answer after a few minutes, you can always call us at +34 952 17 60 30.

What if I don’t have this technology on my phone?

No problem, of course you can always call!
Our customer service number is +34 952 17 60 30.

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