Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions about car hire at Malaga Airport

Everything you ever wanted to know about car hire at Malaga Airport. We answer the most frequent questions.

What are the requirements to hire a car at Malaga Airport?

To hire a car in Spain, the minimum age required is 21 years. The minimum age can be 25 for certain types of vehicles and even 27 for luxury vehicles.

You need a valid driver’s license from your home country, a credit card and an international permit if you live outside the EU.

Can I rent a car in Spain without an international driver’s license?, driving license

Yes, you can as long as you are an EU citizen.

Can non-EU citizens drive in Spain?

An international driver’s licence is mandatory for non-EU driving licence holders and must be presented with the original driver’s licence.

What is the age limit to drive a hire car in Spain?

As we mentioned above, the minimum age required is 21 which can be 25 for certain types of vehicles and even 27 for luxury vehicles. There is no upper limit for car rental in Spain.

What to look for when renting a car?, car hire Malaga airport
Our staff at will be pleased to help you

You will want to look for a reliable car hire company. A great way to find out are reviews of customers who already have used them.

Check out our customer reviews, on Trustpilot, Reviewcentre, Google and Facebook.

Do you need insurance to rent a car?

No, you don´t. Although some of our clients have their own private insurance, one of our hire options is the FULL Pack. It was created for maximum peace of mind and includes among other advantages a fully comprehensive insurance WITHOUT EXCESS.

Please also note that we pride ourselves to do no hard sell on any extras when you pick up your car at our office.

How can I avoid getting scammed on a rental car?

The best thing is to avoid car hire Brokers.

For several reasons: These companies are just middlemen. They don´t own any cars. And by arranging contracts between client and car hire company, they also artificially increase the price.

Last not least, very often their contact details are no correct and they are very difficult to contact in case of any problem. In this post where we narrate a real case customer experience with a Broker at Malaga airport: Reasons for not hiring with a Broker.

real customer experiences in Malaga

How many days in advance should I rent a car?

Likewise, with your holiday accommodation and your flight, you don´t wait until the last minute to book your car:

Depending on the season, many of the more economic cars or very specific car groups can be sold out already months in advance.

In addition, the remaining cars get more expensive due to higher demand.

Is it better to rent a car at the airport or online?

Many people are still wary about online purchases. Yet nowadays renting a car at Malaga airport online is very safe.

We absolutely recommend hiring online and not upon arrival at the airport for the same reason we specified already: Booking well in advance we assure you a good price and the desired car group.

Car hire at Malaga airport upon arrival is a tedious process that will cost you a lot of time and you will have to take the car available at that moment at a significant higher price. Not recommended.

How to avoid airport car rental fees?

The Malaga airport based rental companies pay a good amount of money for such a privileged location. But this will also reflect in the final price for the customer. is located in an unbeatable location just 2 min from the terminal, which enables us to offer very competitive prices.

If you wonder how to get there, our courtesy bus picks you up and brings you back to the terminal, a very easy and speedy process., car hire Malaga airport
Our courtesy bus picks you up and brings you back to the airport

Do I need a credit card to hire a car a Malaga airport?

With you won´t need a credit card to make your Booking, as you pay when picking up your car at our office. Which means we don´t charge your credit card in advance as most of the car hire companies.

How to get cheap car rentals at Malaga airport?

The best way to get great deals on car hire at Malaga airport is always to check well in advance. And booking with has a great advantage. We don´t need a credit card for your booking nor do we charge no cancelation fees.

Which means, if you already booked your car and a few weeks later the price might have dropped in our website, you just book again for the better price and cancel the old booking. Super easy.

Unbeatable rates for car hire

  • Large fleet of brand new cars.
  • Pay on arrival.
  • What you see is what you pay.
  • No hard sell at desk.
  • VIP delivery service for free.
  • No fuel rip-off, we do not charge refueling service fee.

Is it cheaper to rent a car for a week rather than a few days?

Although you might need your rental car just a few days, it always comes cheaper to rent it for a longer period than just a couple of days.

What is the easiest company to rent a car from in Malaga?

We pride ourselves to be an excellent car rental company at Malaga airport since more than two decades. The booking process online is very easy and quick.

You receive your Booking confirmation online. No credit card involved in the Booking process as you pay upon arrival in our office.

We pick you up at the airport and bring you back. A very easy and smooth process and generally much faster than at the airport-based companies.

Can you get around Malaga without a car?

Yes and no. It depends on where you want to go and your activities planned. If you are basically going to stay in your resort and enjoy a sun & beach holiday, you won´t necessarily need a car.

Also, the most popular area between Malaga city and Fuengirola on the western Costa del Sol is very well communicated with a commuter train. It runs every 20 minutes between Malaga centre, Airport, Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola.

Yet, if your holiday destination is Nerja, the eastern Costa del Sol or you want to discover the many beautiful places in our province, we strongly recommend hiring a car a Malaga airport to get the most out of your holiday right from the start., ronda, car hire Malaga airport
A MalagaCar in Ronda, courtesy of our client

Is it worth renting a car in Malaga?

It is definitely worth renting a car in Málaga! Our beautiful province holds many charms in addition to its beaches:

Great scenic beauty, nature, white villages and much more you can discover in our comprehensive Costa del Sol Guide.

Costa del Sol Guide

Is it hard to drive in Malaga?

If you are used to drive a car in cities, it is not difficult. Yet, to tell the truth, many Malagueños have a rather reckless driving style, so bare that in mind and be attentive to the traffic.

Nevertheless, Spain has one of the lowest fatal road accident rates in the EU, so you should be fine.

How many miles a day should you rent a car?

That really depends on how much you want to travel around. If you want o discover the province or even other provinces in Andalusia, unlimited mileage would be your choice.

Thus, you are not limited to a certain amount of km per day or facing an extra charge when you surpass it.

What type of car is rented the most?

That really depends on your needs. While many of our clients go for an economic car without lots of requirements (by the way, all of our cars have air condition), others might have more specific needs, like people carrier, a cabrio or sports car.

Or they prefer to opt for a prestige vehicle or a SUV. We also offer campervan hire at Malaga airport, electric vehicle hire at Malaga airport and even motorbike rental at Malaga airport. We are proud owners of a large fleet of vehicles where you will sure find what you are looking for.

car hire Malaga airport
Hiring a car at Malaga airport is easy with

Our most rented car groups


most rented car groups

The most rented cars you find in Group CCompact 5-door cars, such as Renault Clio, Citroen C3, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia, Nissan Micra or similar.

The second most hired cars are in Group DRoomier 5-door cars, such as Kia Ceed, Renault Megane, Seat Leon, Fiat Tipo, Opel Astra or similar.

And last no least, the third most hired cars are in Group AStandard small cars, such as Fiat 500, Fiat Panda, Peugeot 108, Citroen C1 or similar.

Where can I drive my rental car on the Iberian Peninsula?, gibraltar, car hire malaga airport
A MalagaCar on its way to Gibraltar. Photo courtesy of our client

Please note that our cars can only drive on the Spanish mainland. You can travel to Portugal and Gibraltar for a fee as you can see in our Terms & Conditions.

You have to notice these trips in our office, as all our vehicles are equipped with a GPS geolocation system for security reasons and mechanical control.

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