Hybrid Car Hire at Malaga Airport

We at MalagaCar.com are constantly renewing our fleet and offer also hybrid car hire at Malaga airport.

You can follow the links we provide with the latest hybrid car models belonging to each rental group. You can also keep an eye on our price list to see if there is a new group.

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How does a hybrid car work and what are its characteristics?

Increasing environmental awareness propels that there is an ever-wider offer of more sustainable and environmentally friendly cars.

Currently we can choose between electric cars and hybrid cars. The latter combine an engine that uses gasoline as fuel, with an electric one.

The benefits of the hybrid car and what differentiates it from electric cars is that it has an autonomous propulsion system. This technology is responsible for independently coordinating both engines and the driver does not have to worry about anything.

We at MalagaCar.com offer several models of plug-in hybrids, also called PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), discover them below.

PHEV – Plug-in hybrids

Plug-in hybrids (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) have both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. The battery has a range of around 50 km. So, on the highway we can use  the traditional engine, while in cities we can move 100% in ecological mode.

 ecological car hire Malaga

New groups with hybrid cars

Below, we present the latest models purchased, as well as the assigned group, to make it easier to find them when looking for Hybrid Car Hire at Malaga airport:

Plug-in hybrids are currently one of the best alternatives to gasoline and diesel, because they can make short journeys in fully electric mode and long journeys without range problems thanks to their hybrid drive.

And, in addition, they benefit from the advantages of the zero label of the Spanish DGT. This is something to take into account with the upcoming implementation of the Low Emissions Zone in Malaga, since this type of vehicle allows us to circulate in the Costa del Sol cities without restrictions, in addition to being able to park for free or with significant discounts.

Our hybrid and eco-friendly cars

All of our hybrid cars share a couple of features, they use automatic gearboxes and must only be refuelled with gasoline. Apart from this, each one has its particularities. Depending on your needs, you may be more interested in renting a car from a particular group or from another, let’s get to know some of the models.

Among the premium cars, we highlight some of the latest models available at Malaga airport:

Volvo XC40 PHEV

This model with a sporty image and front-wheel drive has a lithium-ion battery that offers an electric range of 50 kilometres.

It stands out for its comfort, its quality of finishes and the extensive safety equipment.

Lynk Co & 01 PHEV

It is a versatile and dynamic SUV with a wide and varied standard equipment.

Its lithium-ion battery allows you to travel up to 70 kilometres in 100% electric mode.

Both models have the DGT environmental seal “Zero emissions”.

Analysis of our hybrid cars

Both models are available in the XG Group. They belong to the “premium” segment and have a DGT label 0.

The Volvo XC40 is the compact SUV and the best-selling Volvo model in Spain.

Volvo XC40 PHEV
Volvo XC40 PHEV

This model with a sporty image and front-wheel drive has a lithium-ion battery that offers an electric range of 50 kilometres.

The Volvo XC40 PHEV stands out for its comfort, its quality of finishes and extensive safety equipment: emergency braking system with detection of pedestrians, cyclists and animals (City Safety), cross traffic alert system, blind spot alert (BLIS), 360-degree camera or Pilot Assist.

Regarding passenger space, it is ideal for four adults to travel comfortably. It stands out for the trunk capacity with 460 litres.

The Lynk & Co 01 is a compact front-wheel drive SUV, with smooth and elegant lines.

Lynk Co & 01 PHEV
Lynk Co & 01 PHEV

It is a highly equipped plug-in hybrid SUV. Its lithium-ion battery allows you to travel up to 70 kilometres in 100% electric mode.

The Lynk & Co 01 has a wide and varied standard equipment: large 12.3-inch touch screen for the information and entertainment system, panoramic sunroof, electric tailgate, premium sound system, browser, digital key, apps in the car, adaptive cruise control, wireless charging point for mobile devices, travel camera to take selfies or take photos of landscapes, front, rear and side parking sensors and a complete set of security and driving assistance systems, among others.

There can travel up to five passengers, although the second row of seats is designed more for two adults to travel comfortably.

The boot of the Lynk & Co 01 has a capacity of 466 litres, which can be increased to 1,231 litres by folding down the second row of seats.

Advantages of hybrid car hire in Malaga

Hybrid Car Hire

  • As mentioned before, with a Hybrid you can circulate in the Costa del Sol cities Low Emission Zones without restrictions, in addition to being able to park for free or with significant discounts.
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions: They do the same thing as any other car but emitting much less CO2, what more can you ask for?
  • Low consumption: The combined use of both engines significantly reduces fuel consumption, especially in the city, which means more savings.
  • Automatic transmission: You can forget about the clutch, the vehicle will select the most economical gear depending on the speed you drive.
  • Silent engine: The noise of dozens of cars stopped at traffic lights can be very annoying, especially in urban centres. Hybrid motors barely generate noise, helping to reduce the unpleasant volume of traffic in cities.

Eco-friendly car rental at Malaga airport

Apart from electric cars and hybrid cars, we have others that are ecofriendly: From Malagacar.Com we want to do everything possible to help the environment, therefore, we have committed to ecological rental cars, which are those that emit less than 120 grams of CO2 per kilometre travelled.

We have cheap compact cars for everyone and at a spectacular price: Without going any further, in group A, our cheapest group you find affordable 3-door cars that are fun to drive. Models available in this group are Fiat 500, Fiat Panda, Peugeot 108, Citroën C1 or similar.

Malagacar.com Fiat 500
A Fiat 500 on the way to Frigiliana, Photo courtesy of a customer

If you like to drive a similar but automatic car, you can find them in group AA.

If your thing is the fun and agile Fiat 500, but you want it like Fiat 500 Cabrio, you will find it in the SB group.

Slightly larger ecological cars and with 5 doors are found in group C, with models such as Seat Ibiza, Renault Clio, Skoda Fabia, Nissan Micra, Citroën C3 or similar.

Of course we also have high-end ecological cars: In the LC group you can find cars with excellent performance such as Volkswagen T-Roc, BMW 1 Series, Audi A3 or similar.

VW T Roc, Malagacar.com
Volkswagen T-Roc

If you prefer a high-end automatic ecological car, we have them in the LK group with models such as BMW 3 Series Auto, BMW 2 Series Grand Coupe Auto, Mercedes CLA Caror similar.

BMW 3 Series, Malagacar.com
BMW 3 Series

More news

We are strongly committing to Hybrid Car Hire in Malaga, but this is just the beginning. We hope they are well received so that we can continue to acquire new models in the coming years, and even take the next step and offer electric car hire at Malaga airport.

It is very likely that this type of vehicles will be rented out in a few days, especially during special dates and high season. Book now your hybrid car with MalagaCar.com!

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