EV Charging points in Malaga and Costa del Sol for electric cars

Let’s find out where are the EV charging stations in Malaga and Costa del Sol for your electric vehicle in this article. You can drive all the province with your electric car, and we will show you where to recharge the batteries.

To discover the beautiful Andalusian Coast in an electric car so far requires planning your route and knowing where are located recharging points along the Costa del Sol. Contrary to what are happens with a combustion vehicle, you should be a little more farsighted when embarking on the road, especially if you do travel along different or unknown routes; in case of using a Tesla, it will calculate and show you the best route to the destination charger or a supercharger.

Let’s find out where to find the charging points in Malaga, in case you are wondering about an electric car hire, or maybe buying one if living in Malaga. The list will undoubtedly grow rapidly, but in 2022 it is as follows:

Charging points in Malaga centre

In the city centre you will find numerous car charging points, some of them are:

You will be able to find recharing points all over the city, including Pedregalejos and Teatinos.


Charging points near Malaga airport

charging stations near Malaga airport

There are currently no chargers at Malaga airport. There are however very close by, at Ibercar with an ultra-fast charging point (we guess it is private) and at the Aldi Supermarket, with a slow charging point.


Charging points in Torremolinos


Charging points in Benalmadena


Charging points in Fuengirola and Mijas


Charging points in Marbella and Puerto Banus


Charging points in Estepona


Charging points in Ronda

In a nutshell, there are a few interesting projects underway or in process of development and sure in the coming years we will be able to enjoy an alternative and greener driving in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. We already have hybrid cars, we are sure that very soon we will also offer electric car hire in Malaga for our clients.

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