New traffic signs you’ll soon see on the roads in Málaga

The DGT (the Spanish General Directorate of Traffic) has prepared an update with new traffic signs that will soon be installed on streets and roads.

Find out which they are and take our fun quiz!

New traffic signs for new mobility

Paso a nivel sin barreras
Barrier-free level crossing

While some are new and are in line with changes and developments related to new technologies, others have updated only the pictogram. In total there are 59 old signs that have undergone some kind of design modification.

This is the case, for example, of ” Barrier-free level crossing “. It is not so complicated and we do not think it needs much explanation.

But there are a few new ones that you can discover below.

Take our fun quiz to find out about the new road signs!

Instead of presenting these new road signs to you in a bland and unattractive text, we thought we’d give you a fun little quiz to familiarise yourself with them in a more enjoyable way.

You find the right answers in the next section, no cheating!
Control de velocidad mediante medios aéreos

A- You cannot fly your drone in radar zones
B- Sounds from helicopters and drones can affect sensitive people
C- Speed control by aerial means

Confluencia de un carril
A- Stay in the right lane
B- Slower vehicles will be entering from the left
C- Left or right lane merging

bifurcación en el carril central

A- It is always a good idea to stay in the middle lane when in doubt
B- You can overtake on the right if the middle lane driver has not yet made up its mind and is going slower
C- Be careful, there will be a fork in the middle lane with a change of direction
nuevas señales de tráfico

A- There must be at least 2 people in the car in order to pass
B- It is compulsory to occupy the front seat if you want to pass
C- Reserved lane for vehicles with high occupancy

nuevas señales de tráfico
A- Pedestrians can walk in the middle of the street
B- Play and sports area
C- Coexistence zone
nuevas señales de tráfico
A- You have to use the stairs to carry your bike
B- Broken escalators, sorry for the inconvenience
C- Underpass or overpass for pedestrians and cyclists
nuevas señales de tráfico

A- You can overtake in the opposite direction, even if there is a continuous line
B- You can overtake in both directions in the middle lane
C- Lane intended for overtaking in this direction of traffic

nuevas señales de tráfico

A- Caution, gravel on the carriageway
B- Beware pedestrians, cars splashing due to pothole in roadway
C- Prohibition of access to vehicles according to their environmental badge

More signs! Ready?

nuevas señales de tráfico

A- Be careful, you can be overtaken on the left or right
B- The right of way belongs to the fastest driver
C- Caution, crossing paths
nuevas señales de tráfico

A- You enter an area of high air pollution
B- Trucks on the road on rainy days reduce visibility considerably
C- Driving is more difficult by a significant loss of visibility
nuevas señales de tráfico

A- Cyclists do not have to alight at this shared pedestrian crossing
B- Cyclists may overtake pedestrians
C- Pedestrians always have preference over cyclists
preferencia de paso

A- Preference have those entering from the right
B- Those entering from the left have preference
C- Those entering the main road must yield the right of way
nuevas señales de tráfico

A- You cannot recharge your scooter in these sockets
B- Sockets not approved for scooters
C- Prohibited entry for personal mobility vehicles
señal estación de repostaje / recarga

A- Electric cars have preference for recharging
B- Only liquefied gas can be refuelled here
C- Fuel station, including LPG, electric refuelling stations

Correct answers to the new traffic signs test

1- C

Speed control by aerial means. Indicates the possible existence on the section of speed controls by aerial means, such as helicopter or drone.

2- C

Single lane merging. Indicates, on a carriageway with one lane, two lanes or more lanes, that one or more lanes will merge on the left or right-hand side.

3- C

Fork in three-lane carriageways. Indicates, on a carriageway with three lanes of traffic in the same direction, that there will be a split in the middle lane with a change of direction of the four resulting lanes, two to the left and two to the right.

4- C

Lane reserved for high occupancy vehicles. Indicates one or more lanes intended exclusively for the circulation of vehicles with high occupancy. The image will show the number of persons above which it is considered high occupancy, which shall be determined by the municipality in each case.

5- C

Coexistence zone. Indicates a traffic area that is primarily intended for pedestrians and where the following special traffic rules apply: the maximum speed of vehicles shall be 20 km/h; traffic is shared between vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians; pedestrians have priority, can use the entire traffic area and therefore no pedestrian crossings are marked. Games and sports are not allowed.

6- C

Pedestrian subway or overpass, with or without ramp and with or without cycle ramp.

7- C

2+1 road. This indicates the principle of a 2+1 road, i.e. a road with three lanes of traffic, allowing traffic in both directions. The middle lane is to facilitate overtaking manoeuvres and is reserved alternately for one and the other direction of traffic.

8- C

Prohibition of access to vehicles according to their environmental badge or other environmental criteria to be established. The conditions shall be specified on a supplementary panel or on a sign on which the sign is included, making reference, where appropriate, to the classification of each vehicle according to its environmental badge, as established by regulations.

By the way…

Everything you need to know about the environmental badges and low emission zones in Malaga, which will come into force in January 2024.

Low Emission Zone Malaga

9- C

Braided. Danger due to the proximity of a section between a junction and a fork where there are different lane-changing movements by vehicles, crossing each other’s paths and thus increasing the risk of collisions.

10- C

Reduced visibility. Danger due to the proximity of a stretch of road where traffic is frequently impeded by a significant loss of visibility due to fog, rain, snow, smoke, etc.

11- A

Pedestrian and cycle crossing. Danger due to the proximity of a pedestrian crossing adjacent to or shared with a cycle crossing.

Remember that at a pedestrian crossing, cyclists must get off their bicycles and walk across, while at a bicycle crossing, they may pass on their bicycles.

12- C

Section with direct accesses. Danger due to the proximity of a section where there are several direct accesses to the road, and users of these direct accesses must give way.

13- C

Entry prohibited for personal mobility vehicles. This is a new sign and affects all personal mobility vehicles, not just scooters.

14- C

Indicates the location of a fuel dispenser or filling station, including LPG, electric refuelling or several of them.

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