Electric car hire in Malaga & Costa del Sol

Good news for electric mobility! At MalagaCar.com we continue to work on the transition towards sustainable mobility by adding electric cars to our fleet, with a wide range of categories, sizes and prices. Discover our electric car hire at Malaga airport!

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Electric car hire in Malaga

Just a few years ago, the available electric models could be counted on two hands. The range has now grown to hundreds. Also, the registrations of electric vehicles in Europe have increased considerably in the last year.

If you are thinking of buying an electric car in the future, now is your chance to explore the range of car manufacturers’ models and try out some of the best models during your holidays in Malaga.

We warmly welcome you to our new section of electric car rental in Malaga! Vehicles with purely electric drive in all sizes and variants await you here.

We present our models and answer the most important questions.

Our electric cars at Malaga airport

It does not necessarily have to be a high-end electric car hire in Malaga to enjoy 100% ecological driving.

Sedans and Sports electric cars

✅ Our more economic models can be found at DB group: Renault Megane Auto Electric and Nissan Leaf Auto Electric or similar.

Renault Megane Auto Electric
Renault Megane Auto Electric

Both cars have 5 seats and have a considerable trunk of 380 litres and 435 litres respectively, which makes them ideal for traveling with more luggage, if necessary.

Regarding autonomy, the Renault Megane Automatic Electric has a range of 300 km and the Nissan Leaf Automatic Electric a range of up to 380 km.

✅ In the next group, the LF group, we have sportier electric cars, such as the Volkswagen ID.3 Auto Electric and Audi A3 Auto Electric or similar.

Audi A3 Auto Electric
Audi A3 Auto Electric

Excellent cars with agile driving, topnoch performance and with a range of more than 300 km.

Electric SUVs

What undoubtedly continues to have more pull in the market is the electric SUV segment. We are proud to be able to offer some of the best models on the market:

✅ In the XH group are available the models Volvo XC40 Auto Electric, Volkswagen ID.4 Auto Electric and Tesla Model 3 Auto Electric.

Volvo XC40 Auto Electric
Volvo XC40 Auto Electric

While the Volvo XC40 Automatic Electric and the Tesla Model 3 Automatic Electric have a range of 400 km and 448 km respectively, the Volkswagen ID.4 Automatic Electric still reaches 340 km well without having to go through a charging station.

They are high-end vehicles that come standard with a wide range of features and very large trunks, your perfect car if you are traveling with family or friends.

In our last 2 groups you will find electric cars with excellent features and the best that is currently available on the market:

✅ And finally, in our XS group, we present the BMW iX Auto Electric, defined as a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV), with a range of more than 400 kilometres. This luxury vehicle is one of the most advanced electric SUVs of new conception and that shares nothing with the rest of the range.

It comes loaded with the latest technology and is probably the best and most powerful currently on the market for high-end electric cars and the only one with all-wheel drive for unlimited enjoyment of your holidays in Malaga.

BMW iX3 Auto Electric
BMW iX Auto Electric

Electric van

✅ In the XR group you find Volkswagen ID. Buzz.

With a range of 415 km, the reinterpretation of the classic van certainly drives more like a Volkswagen ID.4 or ID.5.

It performs with great agility both in urban traffic, thanks to its great manoeuvrability and also performs well on the highway.

The spaciousness of the Buzz is another point to highlight: not only does it fit 5 people comfortably, but it is the only electric one that can fit 4 golf bags, perfect for golfers.

Check it out in this video!

Frequently asked questions about electric cars

How much autonomy does an electric car have?

That depends on several factors: on the one hand, the size of the battery and on the other, consumption. The cheapest versions easily reach 300 km of autonomy, while the Prestige vehicles have up to 500 km of autonomy.

And of course the way you drive is crucial. If you drive with foresight, avoid sudden starts at stoplights and long trips with a full load, you’ll go further.

How to get even further with your electric car

Driving behaviour : Strong acceleration phases, sudden braking and high average speeds reduce the autonomy capacity of an electric car.

Heating and air conditioning : Electric cars lose their range if battery power is used elsewhere. For example, autonomy is reduced by 17% due to air conditioning in summer.

Eco mode: Most electric cars have an eco mode that keeps the vehicle’s energy consumption as low as possible. This means it reduces acceleration and top speed, as well as heating or air conditioning. With Eco mode activated, you can get up to 10% more autonomy.

Reduce tire drag: Even an air pressure increase of 0.2 bar has positive effects. Driving comfort or safety is not affected, since manufacturers usually only specify the minimum pressure anyway.

Use Navi & Apps: Efficient route planning and applications with real-time traffic data and the position of charging stations help increase the efficiency of electric cars by 5% and 15%.

How do you charge an electric car?

Basically, there are several ways to supply electricity to an electric car: through the household socket, an AC charging station or a DC fast charging station.

electric car hire Malaga
Since the battery can only accept direct current (DC), alternating current (AC) from the mains must first be converted. This is done by the in-car charger, in which case it’s AC charging, or a rectifier in the charging station, in which case it’s DC charging.

AC charging station: These public charging points usually offer three-phase alternating current.

DC fast charging station and Tesla Super-charger: These charging points offer direct current.

Electric vehicle charging points in Malaga & Costa del Sol

In the province of Malaga there are currently more than 370 charging points for electric vehicles.

 Electric car charging points, Electric car hire Malaga
According to the new regulations as of January 1, 2023, we will soon have charging points for electric vehicles in public access spaces, such as supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and also gas stations.

While this becomes a reality, the easiest way currently is to take advantage of recharging your electric car while you shop.

Many supermarkets, especially Lidl and Aldi, already have charging points installed. Also, you can find them in many shopping malls and other public places.

electric car hire Málaga, Charging station
Charging station at Makro

Our complete list of Electric Vehicle Charging Points in Malaga & Costa del Sol.

Useful Apps

In these two apps Electromaps and Chargemap you find a lot of useful information, charging stations, etc. Available for Android and Apple.

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