What to pack for Malaga Travel: Essentials for all 4 seasons

What to pack for Malaga travel? You are in front of your suitcase, going crazy thinking about what to take or not in your luggage? We are going to make it very easy for you.

What clothes to wear in Malaga?

In this article we tell you about things that cannot be missing in your suitcase according to each season. And we also tell you other interesting things, since it depends on where you move or at what time, you would have to adjust your way of dressing a bit!

The Weather in Malaga

A magnificent day in Malaga. Photo Orgullosos de Malaga

Malaga is the southernmost city in Europe and has an unbeatable climate. In fact, it is possible to be in the middle of winter in short sleeves and enjoy the outdoor terraces.

At least during the central hours of the day, and obviously not every day either. Because, even if we have more than 320 days of splendid sunshine, at some point it will have to rain a little.

Compared to other places, in Malaga we enjoy a moderate and spring weather almost 9 months a year, only interrupted by high temperatures during the summer, below we will see it in more detail.

What is the best time to travel to Malaga?

We, who live here, believe that Malaga is almost paradise on earth and very visitable during the 12 months of the year. Your choice will be more specific depending on what you are looking for during your holidays in Malaga. That is why we have prepared a detailed article for you, where you can find more inspiration.

Weather in Spring in Malaga

As we said before, here in Malaga we have almost an eternal spring, with very mild temperatures that increase as the months go by.

Rainbow over La Concha in Marbella

While in March the mornings and nights can still be cool with values between 12ºC and 15ºC, the days are generally very sunny, many of them already close to 20ºC.

Both March and April are still somewhat unstable months, which are characterized above all by a lot of wind. Occasionally it can still rain. Traditionally at Easter there is usually a day with showers.

May is one of the best months on the Costa del Sol, with already pre-summer temperatures easily reaching 25ºC and above.

What clothes to pack for Malaga in spring

You can leave your winter coat at home, you won´t need it. It is convenient to bring a raincoat, more than because of the rain, because of the wind and humidity that can become annoying in the non-central hours of the day, especially in March.

In addition, it is advisable to wear a sweater and some long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts. Light and comfortable shoes if you want to walk.

In March and April the trick is to dress a bit like an onion, so you can add or remove layers, depending on the time of day.

mejor época para viajar a Málaga
Plaza de la Merced in May. Photo Milana Vosgien

While most locals take a little longer to change into their spring attires, most out-of-towners accustomed to frigid temperatures are happy to pack shorts and light dresses.

Especially in May you can enjoy short sleeves and sandals during the day. Remember that the sun is already very strong, so another essential is sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.

Weather in Summer in Malaga

Summer in Malaga is getting longer every year. In June the weather is very enjoyable with proper summer temperatures of 25ºC to 27ºC average. In fact, it is one of the best months to enjoy the beach without crowds and excessive heat.

July and August are characterized by very high temperatures. Although it is true that by the sea this heat is somewhat attenuated, it accumulates as the weeks go by.

calle larios verano
Calle Larios in summer is covered by an awning to provide shade. Photo IStock

High humidity makes you sweat day and night. We also have a local phenomenon called Terral, a very strong and warm wind. The nights are tropical and the nocturnal values no longer drop below 23ºC. Sometimes we have nights of 27ºC.

What clothes to pack for Malaga in summer

Anything that is light and fresh, preferably natural and breathable materials such as cotton, silk, linen. Sandals and flip flops for the beach. Essential sun protection, sunglasses and hat. You can safely leave your jacket at home, you won’t need it.

Weather in Autumn in Malaga

While in other countries the leaves begin to fall, here summer still continues. Without exaggerating, September is basically the same than August as far as temperatures are concerned (around 30ºC), with the only difference that we can once again enjoy the beaches without the crowds. The water is warm and ideal for bathing throughout this month.

In October it finally begins to “refresh” after many months of unbearable heat. Above all, the mornings they are cooler with values that rarely exceed 20ºC. During the day the average is without problem even 25ºC.

mejor época viajar a Málaga
Golden days of October on the beach in Malaga

November traditionally brings more instability, wind and the first long-awaited rains. However, we continue with excellent temperatures around 20ºC.

What clothes to pack for Malaga in autumn

As you have seen in our description of the weather, “autumn” is a very relative expression in Malaga. Basically, in September you can bring all your summer stuff. You will need it! If at night you want to have dinner or walk by the sea, bring a light jacket, since next to the water it refreshes.

Even if it’s October, don’t forget your sandals, swimsuit, the water is still very good. At night you have to wrap up a little more, a light jacket and a light sweater are more than enough. Long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts.

In November take a raincoat, light but closed shoes, sweater, long pants. Long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts.

Weather in Winter in Malaga

If you want to escape the cold, come to Malaga in winter, you won´t regret it. Winter is virtually non-existent here.

best time travel Malaga
Almond trees in bloom in February in the Malaga countryside. Photo Rafael García Relaño

Especially in December the weather is normally excellent, with sunny days that are close to 20ºC and little rain.

In January and February temperatures drop a bit and we can have cool mornings between 4ºC and 8ºC and daytime temperatures are between 12ºC and 16ºC. They are usually the rainiest months of the year.

pack for Malaga Travel
Tourist office poster

What clothes to pack for Malaga in winter

Your winter coat will come in handy at night. The high humidity combined with the wind means that the subjective sensation of cold is stronger, although it is not really cold as such.

You can leave your winter boots at home, you won’t need them, a good closed shoe is more than enough. Sweater, scarf or bandana against the wind for the most sensitive. Long pants, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts.

Tips and Questions

Travel light!

pack for Malaga Travel
We have a tendency to pack more things than we really need.

We have a tendency to pack more things than we really need. And more if we travel to a warm destination like Malaga.

One idea may be to pack your suitcase as if your trip would last a week, even if it is longer. That does not mean that we only travel with 2 changes of clothes. But choose garments that can be combined in different ways with each other

It is also a good idea to leave an empty space in the suitcase, in case you buy a gift or item of clothing.

Go shopping in Malaga!

Malaga is one of the epicentres of the fashion, accessories and shoes industry. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to come with a half-empty suitcase and enjoy buying something new on your vacation (which will also always remind you of Malaga!).

If you know where to go, there are many shopping centres in Malaga or Outlet points that sell a good variety of items and clothing.

Is there a dress code in Malaga?

Yes and no. In general, it can be said that in the Andalusian capitals people dress up to go out and are usually quite fashionable.

However, being a city caressed by the Mediterranean Sea, gives it a much more relaxed and carefree character, therefore, there is no dress code as such.

Going downtown in a swimsuit or shirtless

In Marbella you can no longer walk shirtless in the centre

This relaxation in general was also spread in a more excessive way among foreign tourists who ended up going in swimsuits from the nearby beach to the centre… and the so-called “shirtless” people also proliferated.

These times are over. You cannot go to the city centre in a bikini, bathing suit or shirtless. In Marbella it is sanctioned to go without a shirt with up to €150. In Malaga bars and restaurants do not serve drinks or food to the shirtless during the Malaga Fair.

Bachelor Parties

Malaga has imposed restrictions on bachelor parties: Do not walk down the street without clothes or only in underwear, nor with dolls or with “elements of a sexual nature or with accessories that represent genitalia”. Fines can go up to €750.

Is there a dress code for the Cathedral of Malaga?

Yes. Men must wear long pants, no shorts. Women’s skirts and dresses may not be shorter than the knee and shoulders must be covered. When it is very hot, a shawl can be thrown around the shoulders.

Poll: What is your favourite season on the Costa del Sol?

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