Spend the winter in Málaga – Sunshine guaranteed!

There are many good reasons to spend the winter in Malaga. A high percentage of our visitors associate the Costa del Sol with the summer months of sun and beach.

However, due to the mild climate all year round, Malaga is one of the best destinations in Europe to escape the cold.

Good reasons to spend the winter in Malaga

Unbeatable climate

Winter literally does not exist here and we enjoy spring-like temperatures even in the coldest months. This picture speaks for itself. Here grow the oranges that are distributed during the winter months in other countries.

Oranges in Iznate, photo courtesy of our customer

Malaga is by nature a very dry region. After the first rains, from December onwards the fields are covered with fresh grass and thousands of flowers.

According to the German Institute for Tourism Research there will be a change in holiday trends due to climate change: hardly anyone will travel to Spain in summer because of the heat, but in spring, autumn or winter.

How cold does it get in winter in Malaga?

The winter in Malaga is one of the warmest in Europe. The average daytime temperature from December to February is 17-18 °C. In winter, the mountains of Malaga protect from the cold north wind.

Almond tree in blossom
Almond tree in blossom in February, with snow-capped La Maroma in the background.

The warmest cities in Malaga in winter

The three warmest towns in the whole province are Malaga, Marbella and Torrox, with their own special microclimates.

Can I swim in the sea in Malaga in winter?

The coldest months in Malaga are January and February, with an average temperature of 17 degrees.

beach malaga winter
Malaga’s beaches are a delight in winter

The sea starts to cool down in November and warms up again in May. On the question of whether it is possible to swim in the sea in winter. This depends on your personal perception of cold.

Many locals swim all year round, and even older people do not fail to take a little dip every day.

We tried it ourselves during one winter. The water is quite cold, but because of the warm sun you warm up immediately. The feeling is wonderful, comparable to a Kneipp cure – goodbye to colds!

Lower costs

A trip to Malaga in the winter months is usually much cheaper than during the rest of the year (with the exception of the Christmas period). Flight, hotel, car rental in Malaga is much cheaper and without much effort you can save several hundred Euros.

And, considering the current global situation, many Nordic citizens are considering the option of enjoying the sun in the south instead of being cold in the north, paying very high gas bills.

Malaga winter
Poster of the Tourist Office

Feel the charm of Malaga

It makes a big difference whether you come to the Costa del Sol in high season or out of season.

Malaga winter
Fancy a bike trip to the Baños del Carmen? In the background, the port of Malaga

Although the Malagueños by nature are friendly and open, the high volume of tourists takes its toll. Crowded beaches, overcrowded restaurants, queues and traffic jams combined with soaring temperatures make anyone lose their patience.

Malaga out of season has a different pulse. More leisurely, Mediterranean and friendly. Having a coffee on a terrace and starting a chat with someone is very easy. Strolling through the streets, letting yourself be impregnated by the energy of the place, discovering charming corners, is another very different experience in winter in Malaga.

What is life like in Malaga?

Malagueños know how to enjoy life, a life that takes place in the streets. Malagueños are very cheerful and enjoy their tapas, their drinks, their food and their walks.

Precisely because it is inherent to this city, fun does not depend on a season of the year.

Plaza de la Merced
Plaza de la Merced in Malaga on a sunny autumn afternoon.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Malaga

December is generally a very sunny month and temperatures during the day can reach 20ºC.

The streets and squares are filled with Christmas markets. The Christmas lights in Malaga are of the most beautiful in the world and attract thousands of visitors every year.

And during New Year’s Eve in Malaga the streets and squares in the city centre are full of life and people celebrating.

christmas lights malaga

More flights to Malaga this winter

According to a study by TUI, three quarters of those interviewed are considering travelling this winter.

Airlines are already preparing a wide range of flights to Malaga for the winter months.

Malaga airport
Malaga airport

Important factors when choosing a holiday home

The altitude of the location, i.e. how many metres above sea level the house is situated, the exposure to the sun – south or north facing – the proximity to water and the location in the mountains have a great influence on the temperature inside the house.

Bear in mind that the temperature drops by about 0.6 degrees Celsius for every hundred metres.

When the sun shines at about 25 degrees Celsius on the beach, the temperature in the mountains at about 600 metres only reaches a good 18 degrees Celsius, even near the coast.

In Sedella, at 650 m above sea level, it is much cooler than on the coast.

Tips for long term rentals in winter in Malaga

Rental prices should be considerably lower than in the high season. It is advisable to agree the costs for heating and electricity in detail beforehand.

Houses are often heated with propane or butane bottles. The supplier Repsol charges 20 euros for this (price October 2022).

Camping in Malaga in winter

Malaga is a great destination for camping lovers who want to enjoy sunny and mild weather, fewer crowds, lower costs, and delicious comfort food. Malaga also offers a charming atmosphere, especially during the Christmas season, and relaxing spas and thermal baths. Whether you choose a holiday home or a campsite, you will find plenty of options to spend a memorable winter in Malaga.

How much does a long-term campsite in Malaga cost?

On average, a long-term pitch in Malaga in winter costs between 15 and 20 euros. There are also basic pitches for 6 euros per night and Glampings in Malaga for more than 30 euros.

Did you know that at Malagacar.com we also rent campervans at Malaga airport?

Motorhome hire at Malaga Airport
Photo courtesy of our client. Campervan by MalagaCar.com

In this link you will find more information about the best campsites in Malaga and more useful tips.

How much does it cost to spend the winter in Malaga?

In addition to the plot of land, you also have to take into account the living expenses and the costs for fuel, excursions and outings. However, in general, the prices in Malaga are quite moderate. If you don’t go out every day and prefer to buy food at the supermarket, you can get by quite well on around 1,000 euros per month.

Foreigners in Malaga

Six out of every ten new residents in the province of Malaga are foreigners, with the British being the largest international community.

In fact, almost 17% of the resident population is foreign, making Malaga one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the country.

Where do most foreigners live in Malaga?

Foreign residents are spread throughout our beautiful province. While many prefer the coast, many others are happy to live in the inland white villages and the Axarquia.

Torrox is for example the favourite place for Germans, followed by Marbella, Mijas and Torre del Mar.

marbella jetty
The jetty in Marbella at sunset

In Mijas the British represent more than ten percent of the total population. More than half of the British residents in the province are concentrated in Mijas, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Estepona and Marbella and Alhaurín el Grande in the interior.

Fuengirola is known to be home to the largest community of Finns in the country.

If you are interested, here is an Expats in Malaga Facebook group.

Is it easy to emigrate to Spain?

For EU citizens, there are no bureaucratic obstacles to emigrate to Spain. People who stay in the country for more than 3 months only need an identification number issued by the Spanish National Police.

What is the quality of healthcare in Spain?

Currently, 98.9% of the population is entitled to free health care. The Spanish healthcare system is currently one of the best and most modern in Europe. It is financed by a tax system that allows patients to receive free care.

Our essential Costa del Sol Guide

At Malagacar.com we have a very complete Guide to the Costa del Sol to which we add new articles every week.

You will be surprised by the many and varied activities you can enjoy in Malaga in winter!

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