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Alhaurín el Grande is a place with a lot to offer tourists. The town center is located on the north face of the Sierra de Mijas, at an average altitude of 239 meters above sea level. In a panoramic view, the green and lush slope of the Sierra undoubtedly stands out, rising majestically behind the urban core, surrounded by the typical orchards of the area.


The name “Alhaurin” has its origins in the Arab occupation of the region. After the conquest by the Catholic Kings, the town was renamed “Alhaurin el Grande” to distinguish it from another town in Malaga called “Alhaurin de la Torre”.

Throughout history, Alhaurin el Grande has been inhabited by various cultures, including Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs. However, evidence of human presence in the area dates back even further, with Neolithic archaeological remains having been discovered. alhaurin el grande

The Greeks introduced methods for cultivating the land and pruning vineyards, which led to an increase in the local population and trade.

During the Roman period, several settlements were established within Alhaurin el Grande. Notable among these were ‘Fuente del Sol’ and ‘La Huerta del Niño’, where a tombstone of a young Roman was found. Numerous archaeological remains have been discovered in these settlements, but perhaps the most significant is the aqueduct on the Coin road.

Curiosities about Alhaurin el Grande

church in alhaurin el grande

Among the benefits that the Arabs brought to Alhaurin el Grande were an increase in trade, agriculture and cattle farming in the area. They constructed several buildings, including a mosque that would still be visible today if it had not been replaced by a Christian temple after the conquest.

One of the most significant remaining structures from this period is the Castillo de la Reina (Queen's Castle), which is now almost completely gone. It was used by Queen Isabel after the conquest.

Alhaurin el Grande was an important location during the Al-Andalus period and was named "Alhaur" by the Arabs, which means "the valley people".

The Christian conquest did not bring any particular improvements to the area, but several buildings and mosques were demolished. One of the contributions of the Christians to the history of Alhaurin was the addition of the adjective "El Grande" (the great) to distinguish it from other recently conquered municipalities in Malaga.

Festivities in Alhaurin el Grande

Alhaurin el Grande fairs and festivities

Alhaurin el Grande has a rich cultural tradition of festivities and celebrations, many of which have religious origins and date back to the 16th century after the conquest. However, there are three events that you simply cannot miss: Semana Santa (Holy Week), the Carnivals, and the Alhaurin el Grande Fair.

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is the most important celebration in Alhaurin el Grande and has been declared a National Tourist Interest in Andalusia. It features live reenactments of Christian religious scenes.

These celebrations were likely introduced as a means of evangelizing the conquered population and imposing the Christian religion. In some cases, religious festivities were used to replace local pagan celebrations.

Other important festivities in Alhaurin el Grande include:

  • The Carnivals: One of the most important in the province, taking place during the last week of February.
  • The Alhaurin Fair: Held during the last week of May, featuring stands where visitors can eat, drink and dance. The daytime celebration of the fair through the streets of the old quarter is a highlight.
  • Dia de la Cruz: May 3rd.
  • Dia de Jesus: Eighth day of Corpus Christi.
  • The festivity of the Patron Saint, Nuestra Señora de Gracia: August 15th.
  • Villafranco's Fair: First week of July.

Useful Phone Numbers

If you are traveling to Alhaurin el Grande, the following phone numbers may be useful:

  • City Police: +34-952 49 10 74
  • Health Center: +34-951 26 96 21
  • Taxi Service: +34-952 49 10 10
  • Town Council: +34-952 49 00 00

Transportation and Getting to Alhaurin el Grande

There are several bus lines that serve Alhaurin el Grande:

  • M-132 Malaga - Alhaurin el Grande
  • M-221 Coin - Fuengirola
  • M-230 Malaga - Coín (with stops in Alhaurin de la Torre and el Grande)
  • M-232 Coín - Malaga (passing through Alhaurín el Grande and Cartama)

For more information about buses to and from Alhaurin el Grande, you can visit the following website:

Due to the limited options available, a car rental in Malaga will be very useful to get to: In about 40 minutes (over 28 kilometres) you can get to Alhaurin el Grande from Malaga airport, following the detailed route on the map below:

Malaga to Alhaurin el Grande

You can reach Alhaurin el Grande in 40 minutes by car (there is a 28 km journey). Find the cheapest car hire Malaga airport deals and see how to get to Alhaurin el Grande.

Local information

Town council: C. Convento, s/n, 29120 Alhaurín el Grande, Málaga
Phone:+34 952 49 00 00
Official website: Ayuntamiento de Alhaurin el Grande.


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