Cártama is a town and Spanish municipality in the province of Málaga, Andalusia. It is 17 km from Málaga and is part of its metropolitan area. There are many things to see and do in Cártama. For example, you can visit the Municipal Park or the Parish of Our Lady of the Incarnation of Alhaurín el Grande. There are also several tourist and cultural routes that you can follow to learn more about the history and culture of Cártama.



Cártama is a very old town that dates back to the time of the Phoenicians. When they arrived in the current area of Cártama, they saw that the skirt of the mountain was inhabited by aborigines, with whom they quickly established commercial relations. Little by little, they merged with them giving rise to Cartha, which means hidden or concealed place.

Later, in the time of the Romans, it was called Cartima. Under this name, the city expanded and reinforced its walls, built a river port and greatly increased its number of inhabitants. For all these reasons, it became one of the most important towns in the current province of Málaga, enjoying the consideration of a municipality as early as 195 BC.

After Roman rule, Cártama successively passed into the power of Visigoths and Muslims. It was during this time that the population took its current name, Cártama, of Muslim origin. In 1485, Cártama was conquered by the troops of the Catholic Monarchs.

Cartama church

Things to do in Cartama

If you are planning a trip to Cártama and are looking for a car hire in Málaga, there are many options available to you. With a car, you can explore the surroundings of Cártama and visit places like the Municipal Park or the Parish of Our Lady of the Incarnation of Alhaurín el Grande. You can also follow several tourist and cultural routes to learn more about the history and culture of Cártama.

In addition, renting a car gives you the freedom to explore other places near Cártama. For example, you can visit Málaga, which is only 17 km away, or explore other towns and cities in Andalusia.

Castle of Cartama

The Castle of Cártama is a fortress located in the municipality of Cártama, in the province of Málaga, Spain. It stands on a rock in the Sierra de Cártama from which it dominates the town, behind the Hermitage of Our Lady of Remedies.

This castle would begin to be built in Roman times after its conquest, transforming the castro into a castle and expanding it. Although it is of Roman origin, the dimension it currently has was provided by the Arabs. It is in a strategic position and will become an economic and political center, especially during the Nasrid kingdom.

After the takeover by the Catholic Monarchs, the castle loses importance and relevance. Remains of the old citadel and the walls that surrounded it are preserved, as well as an arms square. The enclosure is rectangular in shape. A cistern excavated in the rock stands out, which could supply about 2,000 people and is located in the center of the enclosure.

It is currently in a state of ruin, although it enjoys generic protection as a Property of Cultural Interest.

Nearby places

There are many interesting places to visit near Cártama that you can reach by car. For example, you can visit Málaga, which is only 17 km away and offers a large number of tourist and cultural attractions. You can also visit other nearby towns and cities such as Alhaurín el Grande, Mijas, Benalmádena and Torremolinos.

If you like nature and the outdoors, you can visit the Montes de Málaga Natural Park or take a trip to the Sierra de las Nieves mountains. You can also visit the Costa del Sol and enjoy its beaches and coastal towns.

Estación de Cártama

It is located on the right bank of the Guadalhorce River and has a railway station that is part of the C-2 line of the Málaga Cercanías network operated by Renfe.

Activities and events

There are several events and activities in Cártama throughout the year. For example, during Christmas, the Cártama Cultural Auditorium sets up the Christmas Amusement Park and the Christmas Market. There are also different theatrical, musical and comedy shows, as well as workshops and the visit of the Royal Postman.

In addition, the Estación de Cártama neighborhood celebrates its festivities coinciding with the feast of San Isidro. The most important events are the procession of the patron saint of the town and a pilgrimage in which the whole town accompanies the patron on his journey to the banks of the Guadalhorce River.

Cartama Fair

The Cártama Fair and Festivities take place in April in honor of the Virgin of Remedies. During the fair, there is a wide variety of events that will take place in the center of town and at the Fairgrounds, located next to the Sports City. One of the most important events is the Descent of the Virgin of Remedies from her Hermitage to the Parish of San Pedro.

Malaga airport to Cartama

Cártama is 25 kilometers from Málaga airport, which can be reached in less than 30 minutes by car. If you are going to travel from Málaga airport to Cártama, you may be interested in a car hire Malaga airport. We offer special prices and discounts throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to visit us.

  • Exit and head west on Avenida Comandante García Morato.
  • Continue on Avenida Comandante García Morato until you reach the roundabout and take the second exit towards Avenida Velázquez/N-340.
  • Continue on the N-340 for about 2 km and then take the exit towards the A-357 towards Cártama/Campillos.
  • Continue on the A-357 for about 12 km until you reach Cartama.

The journey by car from to Cártama takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

On the map below you can see the route you should take to get to Cártama.

Tourist information about Cártama

Town Hall: C/ Rey Juan Carlos I, 62 - 29570 Cártama (Málaga).

Phone: 952 42 21 95.

Official website:

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