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Located in the province of Malaga, in the autonomous community of Andalucia, Cartama is a town full of charm and rich in history. Just 17 km from Malaga, this picturesque village is part of the metropolitan area of the city and offers a wide variety of tourist attractions.

One of the most outstanding places to visit in Cartama is the Municipal Park, a perfect oasis of tranquility for a relaxing walk. You can also visit the Parish of Our Lady of the Incarnation of Alhaurin el Grande, an impressive example of the region's religious architecture.

In addition, Cartama offers several tourist and cultural routes that will allow you to learn more about its fascinating history and culture. From walks through its cobbled streets to visits to its museums and historical monuments, there is something for everyone in Cartama.

So whether you're looking for a quiet getaway or a cultural adventure, Cartama has something to offer you. Come and discover all that this wonderful village has to offer!

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With a history dating back to the time of the Phoenicians, Cartama is a town of great antiquity and cultural wealth. The Phoenicians, upon arriving in the area we now know as Cartama, found a mountain inhabited by aborigines. They quickly established commercial relations with them and, over time, merged to form Cartha, a name that means 'hidden or hidden place'.

The Roman influence transformed Cartha into Cartima. During this period, the city experienced remarkable growth and development: its walls were reinforced, a river port was built and the population increased considerably. Thanks to these advances, Cartima became one of the most important villas in the province of Malaga, obtaining the status of municipality as early as 195 BC.

After Roman rule, Cartama passed into the hands of the Visigoths and, later, the Muslims. It was during the Muslim period when the population adopted its current name, Cartama. Finally, in 1485, the troops of the Catholic Monarchs conquered Cartama, marking a new chapter in its rich history.

The history of Cartama is a fascinating journey through time, from its early days as a Phoenician settlement to its place in modern Andalucia. Each chapter of its history has left its mark, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry that makes Cartama such an intriguing destination for today's visitors.

Cartama tourism

Things to do in Cartama

If you are planning a trip to Cartama and considering renting a car in Malaga, a world of possibilities awaits you. With a car at your disposal, you can discover the charms of Cartama and its surroundings at your own pace. From the tranquil Municipal Park to the historic Parish of Our Lady of the Incarnation of Alhaurin el Grande, Cartama offers a variety of unique experiences.

In addition, renting a car gives you the freedom to explore beyond Cartama. Malaga, with its vibrant cultural life and rich history, is just 17 km away. You can also venture to explore other picturesque towns and cities in Andalusia.

The Majestic Castle of Cartama

The Castle of Cartama, a fortress that dominates the town from a rock of the Sierra de Cartama, is a testament to the rich past of the region. Although its construction began in the Roman era, it was during the Arab period when it acquired its current size and became an important economic and political centre.

After the conquest by the Catholic Monarchs, the castle lost relevance, but even today you can appreciate remains of the old citadel, the walls and a parade ground. Despite its state of ruin, the castle is a Cultural Interest Asset and a fascinating reminder of the history of Cartama.


Other places of interest in Cartama

Discover the Charms of the Surroundings

There are many interesting places to visit near Cartama. You can explore vibrant Malaga, visit nearby towns and cities such as Alhaurin el Grande, Mijas, Benalmadena and Torremolinos, or enjoy the natural beauty of the Montes de Malaga Natural Park and the Sierra de las Nieves mountains. The Costa del Sol, with its beautiful beaches and coastal towns, is also a short drive away.

Cartama Station: Your Gateway to Andalusia

Located on the right bank of the Guadalhorce river, Cartama Station is part of the C-2 line of the Malaga Commuter Network operated by Renfe. This station is your gateway to Andalusia, allowing you to explore the region with ease and comfort.


Activities and Events in Cartama

Throughout the year, Cartama comes alive with a variety of events and activities that celebrate its rich culture and vibrant community. During the Christmas season, the Cultural Auditorium transforms into a Christmas Amusement Park and hosts a Christmas Market. Visitors can enjoy a variety of theatrical, musical and comedy shows, as well as participate in workshops and receive the visit of the Royal Postman.

The neighbourhood of Estacion de Cartama celebrates its festivals in honour of San Isidro. The most outstanding events include the procession of the patron saint of the town and a pilgrimage in which the inhabitants of the village accompany the patron on his journey to the banks of the Guadalhorce river.

Fair of Cartama

The Fair and Festivals of Cartama, which are celebrated in honour of the Virgin of Remedies, is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Although the exact date may vary each year, it generally takes place in April. During the fair, the centre of the village and the Fairgrounds, located next to the Sports City, are filled with a wide variety of acts and activities. One of the most important events is the Descent of the Virgin of Remedies from her Hermitage to the Parish of San Pedro.

Other Notable Festivals and Events

In addition to the Fair and Festivals of Cartama, there are other events and festivities that are celebrated throughout the year. Some of these include the Carnival in February, the Gala of Andalusia Day on February 28, the Pedal Day in March, Holy Week in March/April, and the making of the "hornazos" on Resurrection Sunday. A Livestock Fair is also celebrated during the April Fair.

Malaga airport to Cartama

Cártama is 25 kilometers from Málaga airport, which can be reached in less than 30 minutes by car. If you are going to travel from Málaga airport to Cártama, you may be interested in a car hire Malaga airport. We offer special prices and discounts throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to visit us.

  • Exit and head west on Avenida Comandante García Morato.
  • Continue on Avenida Comandante García Morato until you reach the roundabout and take the second exit towards Avenida Velázquez/N-340.
  • Continue on the N-340 for about 2 km and then take the exit towards the A-357 towards Cártama/Campillos.
  • Continue on the A-357 for about 12 km until you reach Cartama.

The journey by car from to Cártama takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

On the map below you can see the route you should take to get to Cártama.

Tourist information about Cártama

Town Hall: C/ Rey Juan Carlos I, 62 - 29570 Cártama (Málaga).

Phone: 952 42 21 95.

Official website:

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