almachar streetsAlmáchar is a small municipality of Málaga located in the heart of the Axarquía region, surrounded by vineyards, trees with their green olives, cereal fields and orchards. Like the villages of almost the entire region, of Arab origin as shown by its winding streets, narrow and lined with white houses, dominated by the church of San Mateo.


The name of the village, like many others in the Axarquia region, is of Arab origin, although it has also been known as Macharalhayate and, later, Almáchar de la Cruz. During the Muslim occupation, Almáchar, EL Borge, Cutar and Moclinejo formed what were known as "the four villages", which enjoyed the protection of the castle of Comares.

almachar sights malagaIn the nineteenth century and early twentieth, Almáchar was famous for its handmade cloth. Today, most of the villagers work on the land, particularly in the cultivation of the vine and the muscatel raisins.

Tourist attractions

Almáchar, a charming village in the heart of the Axarquía, is a hidden treasure full of history and beauty. From its narrow and winding streets to its stunning panoramic views, Almáchar offers a unique experience for visitors.

  • Parish Church of San Mateo: This church dates from the 17th century and was built in late Gothic and Renaissance style. (Map)
  • Museum of the Raisin: An interesting place to learn about the history and importance of the muscatel grape in the region. (Map)
  • Street of Martyrs: One of the most emblematic streets of the old town of Almáchar. (Map)
  • Old town: You can stroll through the narrow and winding streets of Arab origin and enjoy the charm of this white village.
  • Maria Zambrano Park: A quiet place to relax and enjoy nature. (Map)
  • Almachar-Cerro Patarra Trail: From the top, you can enjoy stunning views that span the mountain range of the Sierra de Tejada, Alhama and Almijara Natural Park, as well as Vélez Málaga, the coast and other towns such as Comares and Canillas de Aceituno. It is an easy and circular hiking route that will take between 2 and 3 hours. (Map)

Popular Fairs and Festivals in Almáchar

Here you will find popular festivals that reflect the essence of this charming village. These events, full of color, music and gastronomy, are an excellent way to immerse yourself in local life and experience the hospitality of the Almachareños.

  • Fiesta del Santo Cristo de la Banda Verde: It is celebrated the first weekend of May in honor of the Santo Cristo de la Banda Verde, patron of the Almachareños.
  • Romería de San Isidro: Popular celebration that takes place in mid-May.
  • Fair in honor of Nuestra Señora del Amparo: It is celebrated at the end of July in honor of the patron saint of Almáchar, Nuestra Señora del Amparo.
  • Fiesta del Ajoblanco: Celebrated the first Saturday of September, it is a tourist-gastronomic festival of great impact in the municipality. (Map)

Gastronomy of Almáchar

The gastronomy of Almáchar is a reflection of its rich history and culture, offering a variety of dishes that will delight your palate. From traditional soups to local sausages, each dish tells a story and offers a unique culinary experience.

  • Ajoblanco: It is a cold soup of garlic, almonds and bread, sometimes accompanied by a slice of Muscatel grapes from Alexandria. It is the most famous dish of the Axarquía region and for which Almáchar is famous.
  • Maimones: This typical soup was for a long time the main sustenance of the humblest families in the village, due to its simplicity, low cost and use of garden products. It has a high caloric intake, which helped to cope with the cold and hard work of transhumant agriculture or livestock.
  • Sausages: Almáchar is known for its local sausages.
  • Gazpacho: It is a very popular cold soup in Andalusia, especially in the summer months.
  • Yellow Soups: It is a traditional soup of the region.
  • Berzas: It is a dish made with cabbages and other ingredients.
  • Coles Moreadas: It is another traditional dish made with cabbages.
  • Puchero: It is a traditional stew very popular in Andalusia.

How to get to Almáchar

If you are going to visit Almáchar by bus, you should know that the line that connects Málaga with Benagalbón makes a stop in Almáchar, it is the M-262 bus.

If you chose to rent a car in Málaga, we recommend the route on the map below where you take the Mediterranean motorway to Rincón de la Victoria and from there to Moclinejo from where you can continue to Almachar.

Another option is to take a taxi from Málaga to Almachar, you can check prices on our website or contact us using the phone or email.

Tourist information about Almachar

Town Hall: C/ Almería, 14 - 29718.
Tel.: 952 51 20 02
Official website: Almachar Town Hall

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