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Read our tips to hire a car at Malaga airport, or continue reading if looking for car hire at Malaga cruise port.

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Car hire at the port of Malaga offers car hire in the port of cruises in Malaga at the best prices for all those visitors of the Costa del Sol that arrive at our province on a cruise ship and need a vehicle to get around. On the other hand, we also have an agreement to offer the best prices for private taxis from the Malaga port for those who do not need a rental car.

The process of online booking to hire a car is quick and simple, and can be completed in just a couple of minutes. Our bilingual staff will take the car to you on time so you won't have to wait a minute more than necessary and this way begin to enjoy your visit.

What others say about us

I got the chance to discover more of Malaga than I expected. The service was very pleasant and the rental at a very good price. I will definitely repeat with you the next time I return.

From: Andrew H.

Malaga port is situated in the very heart of the city, which is why you'll have easy access to other places along the Costa del Sol and Andalusia through Malaga' excellent signposting and network of roads.

If your cruise has given you a couple of days of spare time, you can return the vehicle in the same place we handed it to you, or if on the other hand you wish to catch a plane you can leave the rental car at Malaga airport...we adapt to your needs.

About Malaga cruise port

Malaga port has one of the best infrastructures for the docking of cruise ships with the latest technologies applied to the treatment of luggage and to the offered services. Malaga port is the second in traffic of cruises in Spain and is visited by the most important lines in the world.

The history of Malaga port dates back to the 9th century before our era, with Phoenician origins, who established a commercial colony in Malaga's bay. After the defeat of the Phoenicians, The Carthaginians took control of the area and it was the Romans who later on exploited the port's potential exporting its popular sauce known as "Garo" to the whole of Rome.

After the fall of the roman empire and subsequent defeat of the barbarians by the Muslims, Malaga port lost most of its commercial activity until the period of the province's growth as from the 11th century, when the citadel was built and commercial routes were established with the far east.

After the conquest of Malaga by the Christian armies, the port gained vital importance for the city's growth, and due to the impossibility of remodelling it and adapting it to the new days, they established armadas to defend the coast. The port went through constant reformations that have continued until today, with the latest and profound reformation and modernisation of its facilities creating new areas of entertainment and leisure.

Malaga port facilities

Dock of Levante: Cruises, two international terminals.

Dock 1: Leisure boats, yachts, mega-yachts, entertainment area, shops and restaurants.

Dock 2: Cruises, an international terminal and the 'Classroom of the Sea' museum.

Dock 3: Maritime station for passage.

Floating dock for repairing and for armament.

Docks of goods and vehicles.

Fishing port, market, fridge storage and an ice factory.

Seaport, Malaga Auditorium (in phase of projects).

Malaga port parking

Transport from Malaga port

Malaga port has different ways of transport:

The port joins the exterior roundabouts of the ring road, accessible both by the A-7 as well as the A-45, it's easily accessible and is well signposted. If you don't have your own vehicle you can get a transfer from the port of Malaga.

You must head towards Malaga train station either walking or via other ways of transport. It's not situated too far away so it can be reached by walking as long as you don't have too much luggage to carry.

Malaga airport:
The port is fairly near Malaga airport, that can be reached by car or by train.

The bus stop is located right outside Malaga port, from where we'll be able to catch buses in both directions, towards both the western side and the eastern side of the Costa del Sol.

Car hire:
At we offer the best prices for car hire at Malaga port. Feel free to check out our prices with no obligation. You can choose to return the vehicle at the port if you have to jump back on your cruise ship or at Malaga airport if you have to catch a flight.

Malaga cruise port map

Located next to the city centre, find below the map of Malaga cruise port:

Other pickup and drop off locations

If you need to pickup your rental car at other different location than the cruise port check the links below:

Malaga Spain

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