view of ArriateArriate, whose name is of Arabic origin, is a charming Spanish municipality located in the province of Malaga, Andalusia. It is located in the west of the province and is one of the towns that make up the region of the Serranía de Ronda. It is only 8 kilometers from Ronda and 104 kilometers from Malaga. In 2023, it had 4068 inhabitants.


The history of Arriate is rich and fascinating. Archaeological remains such as stone axes and other prehistoric utensils have been found in caves that show us ancient residents in the area. During the Arab reign the municipality was known as Arriadh, a small rural village back then where only a few families lived who worked the field, so it was not complicated for the Christian armies to take possession of Arriate during their invasion of Al-Andalus.

In 1630, the town of Arriate was segregated from the municipal term of Ronda although, five years later, in 1635 it was again incorporated into Ronda forming part of said municipal term. It is not until February 14, 1661 that Arriate regains its independence and proclaims itself an independent Villa segregating again from Ronda.

streets of ArriateAfter the conquest and already in 1661, the inhabitants of Arriate paid 352,739 maravedis to gain independence from Ronda.

Things to do in Arriate

Arriate is a municipality full of life and culture, with numerous popular and traditional festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. Here we present some of the main ones:

  • Partir de la Vieja: This festival is celebrated 14 days before 'Palm Sunday' during Holy Week. It is a local tradition in which the inhabitants of Arriate gather to share a meal outdoors.

  • Pilgrimage: It is celebrated on the first Saturday of May. The inhabitants of Arriate and visitors go in procession to a local hermitage, enjoying music, dance and food.

  • Corpus of Arriate: This religious festival is celebrated on June 29. The streets of Arriate are adorned with altars and a procession is made through the town.

  • Fair of Arriate: The fair lasts a week and begins on June 28 or 29. During this time, the town is filled with music, dance, and activities for all ages.

  • The Tostones: This celebration takes place on the first day of November. The inhabitants of Arriate gather to roast chestnuts, a tradition that marks the beginning of autumn.

  • Holy Week: Arriate celebrates Holy Week with a series of religious processions that tour the town.

  • Festival in the Air: This is a festival that is celebrated in October and brings together parades, contests, workshops and live music. It is one of the most anticipated cultural events in the municipality.

In addition to these festivities, Arriate offers a large number of activities and places to visit, such as its wineries and vineyards, its beautiful natural environment ideal for hiking, and its rich local gastronomy.

Holy Week in ArriateAmong the things that we can buy in Arriate as a souvenir, we highlight the handmade crafts with wood and metal.


The gastronomy of Arriate is very varied and largely depends on the food products that are produced in the area. Each of the tapas in Arriate are made with these products, which makes them true exclusive dishes with their characteristic traditional flavours.

Some of the typical dishes that you can find in Arriate are:

  • Chacina: One of the most produced foods in the area is Chacina (a type of cured meat), which is used to make various derived meat products such as: Spicy Spanish sausage (chorizo), Iberian Loin, Black Pudding, Zurrapa (a type of lard, very popular in Andalusia), Butifarra (a type of sausage), Pork Scratchings, Salchichón (a type of sausage), Ham, Morcón (a type of sausage similar to Chorizo, but larger, typical for some regions in Spain), Loin Cane and many more.
  • Las Migas: In winter, the typical food is "Las Migas", a mixture of pieces of bread, ham, chorizo and bacon golden in olive oil.
  • Meats and sausages: During the spring, during the festivities of "Partir la Vieja" it is customary to eat all kinds of meats and sausages made in the area. These meats are accompanied with salads, fried potatoes and its famous "Hard Egg".
  • Barbecues: Upon the arrival of summer, it is very common to prepare barbecues in which pork meat, chicken skewers, sausages, fish, etc. are prepared.

In addition, Arriate is full of various bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the typical flavours of the region. Periodically, the town hall of Arriate organises the so-called "Tapas Route", an event that seeks to promote the exquisite gastronomy of the area.

How to get to Arriate

To get to Arriate from Malaga, we must head towards Ronda. Once we have arrived, Arriate is only 8 kilometres to the north.

If you go by car the trip should not take you more than an hour and a half, if you need it you can rent a car in Malaga at the best price with us, and visit Arriate or other towns in Andalusia.

In the map below you can see the route that we recommend to get to Arriate from Malaga airport.

Tourist Information about Arriate

Town Hall: C/ Cordones, 4 - 29350

Tel: 952 16 50 96

Official website: Arriate Town Hall.

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